Top 10 Males Celebrities you want to give chocolate to on Valentine’s day


Oricon’s OnlyStar Ranking for the Top 10 Males Celebrities you want to give chocolates to on Valentine’s Day.  Out of 300 people, here’s the result, and spoilers, most of the Arashi member are in it, except for Ninomiya.

Let’s just jump into the ranking. Aiba Masaki takes the first place, followed by Fukushi Souta, and then Ohno Satoshi. Translated comments are below the rankings.


1     相葉雅紀(嵐)…52                     Aiba Masaki (Arashi) – 52 votes



2位     福士蒼汰…47人                                  Fukushi Souta – 47 votes

3     大野 )…45                        Ohno Satoshi (Arashi) – 45 votes



4     松本 )…38                        Matsumoto Jun (Arashi) – 38 votes


(c) matome.naver

5     櫻井 )…32                        Sakurai Sho (Arashi) – 32 votes



6位     松坂桃李…31人                                  Matsuzaka Tori – 31 votes

7位     窪田正孝…21人                                  Kubota Masataka – 21 votes

8     亀梨和也KAT-TUN)…20        Kamenashi Kazuya – 20 votes



9位     西島秀俊…19人                                 Nishijima Hidetoshi – 19 votes

10   堂本 剛(KinKi Kids)…15         Domoto Tsuyoshi – 15 votes


(c) through pinterest


Aiba Masaki landed first place thanks to his smile, kindness, honesty and his sincerity. A comment said that they wanted to see Ohno’s “kusha” face. It means a huge smile or something like that, I think. I googled the image and here’s one. Another one wanted to see Jun’s embarrassed face when he receives chocolate. Sakurai Sho was most likely to receive it in a gentlemen way, if that makes sense. Lastly, Matsumoto Jun & Domoto Tsuyoshi seems to be the type to seriously think about returning the favour, if you allow me to say that.

The reason why Ninomiya doesn’t get much chocolates is probably because he spat out chocolate that he received, right in front of the girl who gave it to him, saying it was disgusting. Well, I think she’s the one at fault for taking salt for sugar… and Nino is the victim…

Edit 14/3/2016: So there’s apparently two version of the salty chocolate story, I’ll just link them here and here for you to judge for yourself!

After the stress of Valentine’s Day, it’ll be the stress of White Day, where we find out if we get rejected or not… Yay…


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7 thoughts on “Top 10 Males Celebrities you want to give chocolate to on Valentine’s day

  1. I think you got the Nino chocolate story wrong. He didn’t eat the chocolate in front of the girl nor did he spat it out. She left it hanging on a door knob for him and he finished it like a good kid despite it being salty. He talked about it at Himitsu Arashi chan when Othello is still complete and they had the yellow set.


  2. Wow…’s hard to believe this list. The only two on there that I like are Jun Matsumoto and Tori Matsuzaka…and Kamenashi, I can, at least, understand. I would definitely choose Ninomiya and Ueda. Then a bunch of non-Johnnies, like Yoshikazu Kotani, Takumi Saitoh, Ren Kiriyama, Hiro Mizushima, Hayami Mokomichi, Aoi from the Gazette, Hyde from Vamps/L’Arc-en-Ciel, Gackt, Haruma Miura, Sato Takeru and I know I’m forgetting some cuties, but this is plenty and would cost me quite a bit to give them all candy. 😀 (But it’d be worth it!)


    • You have quite the list xD And I agree, my list is probably as long, if not, longer. But like you said, it would be totally worth it! x)))


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