Sakurai X Ikegami NTV Special

Sakurai Sho & Ikegami Akira teams up once again for KyoKasyo 2.


『東日本大震災から5年 櫻井翔×池上彰 教科書で学べない災害』which roughly translates to “ 5 years after the Tohoku Earthquakes”, or in short KyoKasyo 2, Sakurai Sho X Ikegami Akira, Disasters we don’t learn from textbooks” will be broadcasted on the first of March.  Last summer, the pair worked on the TV special [70 years after the war]. At the interview meeting after the recording, Sakurai said, “Its not something I should be saying, but I think that we’re a good combination.” To which Ikegami-san responded, “Should we just team up then?”

I didn’t get to see them working together yet, but Ikegami-san is also a Keio graduate, so I’m curious about the atmosphere they bring up to the table. I love that Sakurai participates in these kind of specials. He really knows how to use his influence to bring attention to quite interesting but slightly ignored news. Well at least he got mine.

via Oricon

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