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Yamapi wants to get married

Last Jan 30th on Ousama Brunch, Yamapi says that he wants to get married one day, and also wants to have kids. He appeared to promote his best album 「YAMA-P 」.

Yamashita talked about doing his own laundry and how washing his clothes by hand would hurt, and how recently he started to cook. Lately, he’s been making seafood fried with garlic oil, and his speciality are sunny side up fried eggs, stating that he would leave it to cook for a minute and a half to get the yolk a nice yellow color and half cooked.

When they reached the topic of marriage, YamaP said he does want to get married one day, and he also wants kids too. His type of woman is someone who can speak about something in details, basically someone who knows what shes talking about, and someone who can hold a conversation. “Because we’ll slowly get older, someone who has a lot of heart is good. Someone strong and who knows properly how to respect each other is lovely.”

Back when he was filming for his drama “Kurosagi” for TBS, he had a lot of scenes with a big sempai, Yamazaki Tsutomu (the owner of the bar in the drama). Back then, even after a month, they didn’t talk to each other, as YamaP thought he was really scary. But when the drama started airing, Yamazaki-san took the first leap, and told him, “Good” and YamaP still vividly remembers that day until now. Since then, every year, at the end of December, they all gather together for Yamazaki Tsutomu’s birthday. They would talk about what kind of year will be for each of them, and YamaP would walk out after the party with advice from his sempai.

When talking about his solo career, YamaP said that he said troubles, complications but also happy times. It was quite a busy year for him. “I realized I had to get him from my member as I transitioned into a solo act.” He also added “As a solo act, you have a lot of freedom, but there’s also a certain loneliness that comes with it. You gotta get the balance of it.

They also talk about shopping and YamaP introduced the products that he used in his daily life. If anyone wants to know more about those, comment below, I’ll follow up as soon as I can.

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  1. Aurélie

    Exactement le type de femme qu’il cherche xd.
    Je lui souhaite du courage que ses souhaits se réalisent.
    Merci pour la traduction

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  3. Natare

    Waaaa thanks so much for trans this,,,, i really hope u can translate the rest of it… I’ll waiting :3


  4. Thanks a lot for the translation. I was so curious about the program but there was no translation of it. if you translate the rest of it, I will be happy to read it.


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