Yamada Ryosuke Gets Injured on ZEUS

Hey!Say!JUMP’s Yamada Ryosuke gets injured on “Battle of Zeus” and NONSTYLE’s Inoue apologizes on Twitter.

On the same day of the Battle of Zeus’s broadcast, NONSTYLE’s Inoue Yuusuke tweeted an apology for “lightly injuring Yamada-kun”.

Yamada faced Inoue for the second time for the wrestling segment, and the battle ended as a draw. Last year, Inoue won the first one, and shocked every Johnny’s on set. After the match, the Doctor told Yamada to rest and take care of his bruises. Yamada wasn’t allowed to participate in the matches anymore that lead fans to bombard Inoue’s twitter.

NONSTYLE’s Inoue tweeted the following:


“Thank you for watching the wrestling segment of Zeus. Right after the segment was aired, I received over 5000 comments from all of you. It just shows how much people watches the show. Since it was a serious match, we couldn’t help it but, I’m sorry for lightly injuring Yamada-kun.”

For me, I’m a little bit more concerned about Inoue-san’s words. He tweeted “I’m sorry for lightly injuring Yamada-kun.”  It just feels like he’s not taking it seriously, so I’m wondering whether he sincerely apologized or not. But then again, it is a wrestling match, so injuries are more or so expected, it’s just that his words just makes the whole thing quite… grey?

Hopefully, Yamada’s injuries aren’t too serious to bother him in his activities, and that he gets better soon.

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2 thoughts on “Yamada Ryosuke Gets Injured on ZEUS

  1. Hope Yamada heals from his injuries quickly. I hope they aren’t too bad. I have mixed feelings about his fans bombarding Inoue’s twitter. They probably weren’t too pleasant. If it were me, I’d just sincerely apologize to Yamada, give his a gift or two, and ignore any of his bitter fans. Inoue’s better than me to even apologize to the fans. I doubt he intentionally wanted to cause injuries to Yamada. Get well soon, Yamada~♥

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