Yamapi shares some of his favorite products

As reported earlier, Yamapi was in Ousama Brunch, and this is a follow up to the  article. This post is more about the products that he introduced when he was on the show, so if you can head up to the earlier article about his appearance to read more about it.

First up is a New York brand- the Laundress’s Fabric Conditioner Classic.


“Its made from natural ingredients and the softener leaves a nice scent to the laundry.”


On his days off, Yamapi would enjoy straight whiskey, and says that when he gets a bit tipsy, he would start to talk just a bit more. He recommends Edo Kiriko’s Rock Glass, which is a big glass allows him to enjoy the smell of the whiskey as he holds the glass up to drink, he also adds that drinking from that glass would make you feel like a king.


Well it should make him feel king… the glass is about 21 600Yen, which is roughly 216$ on Amazon.jp.


Yamapi says that he also have a decent amount of high quality earphones and headphones. He even got the letter “P” engraved into one of his earphones.


Yamapi’s recommendation: Senneheiser’s Canal Type Earphones IE60, and the Pattern Breaker PB Premium Earphones Case (below).



“I like the type of earphones that allows me to listen to the bass and the instruments clearly. In the morning, I would listen to more acoustic stuff, and when I go out, I’d go for the more high spirited kind of music.”

And that’s it for Yamapi’s Choice! A few people wanted to read more about it, and since I had a little bit of time, I ended up doing it.


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