Ikuta Toma in a Stage play after 10 years

Ikuta Toma will be doing a stage play after 10 years, and will be joined by Johnny’s West’s Kamiyama Tomohiro.

『Vamp Bamboo Burn』is an original work by screenwriter Kankuro Kudo. Kankuro also wrote the screenplay for The Mole Song, one of the movie Ikuta starred as the main character.

Toma will be playing a vampire that has been living since the Heian Period, and is now a vocalist in a Visual Kei band. He will also be singing the songs Kankuro Kudo will be writing for the play.


Joining him in the cast will be Koike Eiko, Nakamura Tomoya and J West’s Kamiyama Tomohiro.

The last time Toma was in a stage play was back in 2006, for “Cat in Red Boots”, so I’m excited to hear about his performances and hopefully get a few snippets of him singing, because I want to see Toma sing! He’s a Johnnys after all. And he’s a vampire, can this thing get even more perfect…?


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