KAT-TUN’s fate still unknown, and Kamenashi’s Solo Debut? 

With Taguchi Junnosuke leaving in March, the dome tour finishing in May, and a hiatus right after, we cannot say for sure, whats in store for KAT-TUN from now on.


We learned from the NHK General Broadcast Conference, that the shows that KAT-TUN are currently hosting are under “consideration, and that nothing has been decided yet”.

After the Dome tour ends in May, KAT-TUN will be going on a hiatus, in order to “re-charge” after everything that has been going on lately. Which leads us to the TV Station trying to figure out what to do with the TV Shows they are currently hosting.

TBS’s KAT-TUN Sekai Ichi Tame ni Naru Tabi will have its last episode on the 25th of March, but for NHK’s Shounen Club, nothing has been decided yet.

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And rumors of Kamenashi’s solo debut surfaces as opinions from sources connected to the industry are being collected.

A professional working in the entertainment industry says, “For sure, the one who is safe is Kamenashi Kazuya. He’s doing dramas, and right now he’s doing “Yamaneko, the Phantom Thief”. He’s also a sportscaster, he’s not dumb, and he also have good attitude.”

It seems that after KAT-TUN will go in hiatus, Kamenashi will most likely be debuting as a solo act. After Taguchi’s departure, it’s really hard realistically for the group to continue their activities.

Kamenashi was a part of the duo “Shuuji & Akira” and released “Seishun Amigo” which sold about 1,627,000 copies, and back in December, he also had a solo song for his CM for Bijoude. And people suspect that to be one of the signs that they were trying to make us anticipate his solo debut.


Compared to Nakamaru and Ueda, Kamenashi seems to have all sorts of backing for himself. But the other aren’t as badly off as people make sound of it.

Ueda has been boxing for a while now, and he’s been on Honoo-no Taiiku-kai TV. He’s also established his image as a boxer-idol, and he could continue that path and keep himself on TV. Someone also said that he’s always been hardworking and runs 10km every day for his training.

As for Nakamaru, his work as a newscaster has been really positive. “Every week, he always makes sure to bring the best coverage for his corner, he follows the news, and the keeps an eye on the audience, and that gives him a really great experience. He will definitely start to appear more and more on news programs and variety shows.” claims one of the sources.

On the topic of the dome tour, they said, “For the normal KAT-TUN, filling up the seat would have been a bit difficult, but due the fact that KAT-TUN are only three, and that they would be going into a “re-charging” period, people will be scrambling for the tickets to see them.”

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I scouted Johnnys Watcher, and the author wrote a little bit about how it would be nice if Yamapi who’s starting to get his solo career as a singer back, and Kamenashi who’s rumored to debut, to form a duo, release new music and go on tour. At the same time, it would show the fans, they got rid of the problems with the factions, and the fans out be reallyyyy happy about it.

I actually want to see that again, another Shuuji & Akira, kind of thing. I mean, they are really cute and cool together. But sadly for us, its really far fetched, and I wonder what Johnny-san even do these days…  But hey, on a brighter note the song for Bijoute was not bad. Check it out below.

And for KAT-TUN’s future, I just hope they don’t disband. I don’t know and I cannot think of anything they can become to avoid it, but I jsut can’t find anything. I think as long as they don’t disband, its fine by me. I also read comments on Facebook and Tumblr about how they should bring Toma in, or another Junior or something like that. But Toma is really random. If anything, Toma’s Arashi’s 6th member, at least for me. Let me know what you guys think!

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8 thoughts on “KAT-TUN’s fate still unknown, and Kamenashi’s Solo Debut? 

  1. Hi! First of all thanks for the post ^-^
    I agree with you that as long they don’t disband its fine by me.
    I’d be so lost if they do T.T
    Its been tough for them recently and i think going on a rest period is what they should do. To tidy up their thoughts and feelings, and ofcourse this gives time for in-charge personnel to decide what will they do in the future.
    The part about toma… is… really random imo too. Toma is great! But going into Kat-tun… perhaps they should first let toma host a show together with kat-tun or let them have a few “together-moments” in public first? I don’t know, just a few random thoughts HAHA
    But i think KAT-TUN is fine as trio for now 😀


  2. I think they better bring in three Johnny’s Juniors who are talented and their surname initials match the former members’ initials. Also they should be ready to work in group i.e. they should not have desires to go solo. I think taking members who already have successful solo careers like Ikuta Toma will not work as they will find difficulty adjusting in a group. The concept should be similar as V6 wherein three members must belong to one decade(senior brigade) and the other three to another decade(junior brigade).

    Another Shuuji & Akira will be good,to show that there are no factions anymore,but from long term perspective it may not be a solution.

    I know I am late to comment on this,but I wanted to convey what I think.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I always wanted a solo album / single of Kazuya! I really think that is one the most talented of all johnny’s!
    He can do it! And I’ll always support him :3


  4. Hi, I also loved Kamenashi Kazuya and Tamaki Koji’s song “Sayonara Arigatou” which was used as opening theme for ‘Tokyo Bandwagon’. The song has a nice feel to it and is vibrant. I don’t know why people fail to mention this song. Maybe it was not marketed that well.It had also topped Oricon chart back then. I think Kamenashi can work work with any notable singer to form a duo and it will be a sure shot hit.
    Also going solo like Yamapi is not Kamenashi’s desire. He always wanted KAT-TUN and not solo activity.
    I hope he thinks about himself as well and release solo’s that become popular.

    This solo “Kizuna” from Gokusen2 was really good.

    The latest news I heard is,Kamenashi has hinted of addition of new members to the band. This can take place during recharge period. I hope they get good band-mates,not someone like Jin and Koki who were careless and madethe entire band suffer.

    My best wishes to Kame!


  5. Kame should go solo. Considering his excellent singing talent and dancing abilities,he should be able to strike well. His solo song ‘Kizuna’ used as an insert song in Gokusen 2 was too good. I dont know why he still acting as an anchor for KAT-TUN and trying to promote it.

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  6. Kame going solo is long due and he deserves it. How long can he act as an anchor for KAT-TUN. He has done a good job so far. I will wish him all the best.
    The song he has sung for Bijoude is a really nice one. He also looks good in the commercial..

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Additional 3 members must be added to KAT-TUN. Till then all the existing members must work solo. Kame needs to release more solo albums. I like his voice. He can do good job.


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