Nino acts like a sempai to his co-stars

Last Feb 22nd, Hey!Say!JUMP‘s Yamada Ryousuke, Arashi‘s Ninomiya Kazunari, Suda Masaki, Yamamoto Maika, Kiritani Mirei, Narimiya Hiroki, Shiina Kippei and the Assasination Classroom’s mangaka, Matsui Yuusei, were present for the press conference for the movie, “Assassination Classroom: Graduation”.

Rumor has it that Ninomiya would invite Yamada out to eat together, and Nino asked Yamada to talk about the episode instead.

Yamada said that for about a month or so they were shooting in Gunma, so there wasn’t as much restaurants and everything. One day, they went to this barbecue place with all the staff and everyone, and when it was time to pay, they told them that Ninomiya would be paying for the food, as he couldn’t make it to film with them. Nino responded back by saying, that they were shooting in a pretty cold weather and it was kind of his way of saying, “Let’s work hard tomorrow again.”

For anyone who knows Ninomiya, whose hobby is saving money, Ninomiya paying for them is something really unheard of. Yamada also added that if we ever told Arashi’s Sakurai Sho about this, he wouldn’t believe it.

In the second movie for the series, we will be able to find out the past of Korosensei, and the reasons why he is teaching at Kunukigaoka Junior High School. Ninomiya, who voiced Korosensei in the first movie, will be taking the role for Shinigami, the past human form of Korosensei (sorry for spoiling a bit).

Assasination Classroom: Graduation will be out in Toho Theaters on the 25th of March 2016.

Via news.biglobe & featured image



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