Rumor Round-Up 026

My First Rumor Mill, I had a hard time filtering out and getting the right info, and making them short enough, but I guess I can’t make it as short as it was before. But I hope you guys wouldn’t mind taking a bit more time on my posts ^^

Involved parties are: Matsumoto Jun, Sakurai Sho, Okada Junichi, Nakai Masahiro, Tegoshi Yuya and Koyama Keiichiro.


  • 99.9’s Twitter account might have bought Twitter followers?

Some users are saying that the account for the drama had a considerable increase of followers on twitter on the 27th, around evening. And that most of the followers seems to be foreigners, and do not look like Arashi‘s Matsumoto Jun’s fans. They are also implying that the people in charge bought followers to make up for the fact that Jun might be losing to Ohno Satoshi’s drama. Right now, “99.9‘s” twitter account as about 92.5K followers while Sekai Ichi Muzukashii Koi’s account has about 102K followers.

I checked the followers, and boy, I only saw Japanese accounts, and scroll so much I gave up. If anything, I blame the marketing team for not promoting Jun’s drama as much as Ohno’s. We’ve had two segments of “Ohno Satoshi’s Tsukutte Miyou” with the cast for the drama, and even if Jun went on Abunai Yakai, I did not know that he was there to promote the drama until I saw the twitter post about it on the website. So don’t worry too much guys, people just like to talk.

from Johnny’s Watcher

  • Sakurai Sho rumored to be dating for a year now

This rumor, even to professionals in the entertainment industry, seems to be pretty legit. The girl seems to be an OL in her mid-20s, who looks like Okina Megumi and works at Ferrari. As what Japanese people do, we will name her A-san.

Rumor has it that the two have met a year ago through mutual friends, and Sakurai Sho introduced her to a salon when she mentioned that she had problems with stiff neck and that’s how they sparked, or so it seems. That’s a weird way to starting dating but heyyy, everyone got their tricks. Sakurai didn’t accompany her to the salon, but some says that they clicked very well, and the girl got drunk over his bocchan charms? They would usually only meet up at Sakurai’s apartment so there wouldn’t be any pictures of them.

According to the source, she’s a striking beauty with big round eyes and white skin. What’s interesting here is whether or not they are aiming for marriage or not. But the agency wouldn’t approve of Sakurai getting married just yet, Arashi is still selling a lot, so I guess there’s nothing for the fans who wanted to married Sakurai to worry about just yet.

via Imashun Navi

  • Nakai Masahiro & Tegoshi Yuya suspected of using drugs?

Last month, the famous Kiyohara Kazuhiro has been arrested for illegal drug use. After that, there were rumors saying that a few days before he was arrested, he had gone to a restaurant and got drunk and spilled some beans about other users. He mentioned a pro baseball player, an A-list singer and another A-list talent who would always be appearing on TV. He also said that there are people whom you wouldn’t think are taking drugs .

Among all the names rumored celebrities, SMAP‘s Nakai Masahiro was found on the list. Other names include: the Downtown Duo, Takashi Okamura, Tamura Atsushi, Ariyoshi Hiroiki. Arita Teppei and Nakamura Hidoyuki.

Rumors also flows that the next one to get arrested would be NEWS‘s Tegoshi Yuya. Insiders with police connections claim that the next one to be arrested, X, is from a group known for their vocal prowess. X also is known for being a heartthrob and  have been constantly in the media for his romantic escapades, especially for his connections with AKB48 group members.

You can only think of Tegoshi Yuya after all those details. But I don’t believe that Tegoshi would touch drugs. He might love to party, but he knows to not get involved with dangerous things. Hopefully the investigations wraps up soon so their names stay clear.

via Johnny’s Watcher 1 & 2

  • Okada Junichi might be marrying before MatsuJun

V6‘s Okada Junichi has been linked for a while now with Miyazaki Aoi, and now some of insiders believe that Okada is in love with her, long enough to eve marry her. While Arashi‘s Matsumoto Jun and Inoue Mao might have a bigger chance of receiving the approval from the agency, Okada might have some trouble since the scandal with Miyazaki was an adultery scandal, which is why the agency might be hesitating in the issue.

Considering that the rumor of Maotsujun lasts for more than 10 years with no pictures or tangible proof that they are in fact dating, I question the credibility of this one. But watching Okada these days makes me wonder, because he does look a bit like he wants to get married. But please don’t cite me on this, its just a gut feeling. 

via Johnny’s Watcher 

  • Koyama Keiichiro as a NTV exclusive announcer

It is rumored that NTV (Nihon Terebi) likes NEWS‘s Koyama Keiichiro a lot, and that they are asking the agency whether they can get Koyama as their exclusive announcer. It’s been said that the NEWS member blends very well in their work environment, just like an employee. They also said that inside NTV, Koyama actually have a better reputation than Arashi‘s Sakurai Sho.

via Johnnys Watcher


20 thoughts on “Rumor Round-Up 026

  1. What if Tegoshi used drugs just one time? What if he used it for his own good? Do his followers -er.. I mean “Fans” will hate him?

    Like- Eh?

    If these rumors were real or not, i don’t f***n care. I like Tegoshi the way he is, and whatever he does, he still is Tegoshi.


    • Using illegal drugs in Japan is a huge blow to their image, I mean, even now Arashi’s Ohno Satoshi is still remembered for his threesome and him allegedly smoking marijuana. I doubt the fans will just runaway and turn on him. I just hope the investigation wraps up and Tegoshi’s name is cleared…


  2. Now you’ve mentioned it, both Nakai and Tegoshi do look a bit drugged out. BUT, not Tegoshi!!! NEWS is replacing KAT-TUN as the Shounen Club Premium host! I was just thinking that I hope hosting that show wouldn’t mean that NEWS would loose more members. It seems like that show is jinx.

    By the way, how come there hasn’t been any report of NEWS replacing KAT-TUN as the SCP host??? >_<

    Totally not surprised about Koyama. I've been his fan for a while. I'm glad he's getting the recognition because he might need it when something more happens to NEWS…

    The comment about Okada looking like he wants to get married lately is totally hilarious. I think MOST of the Johnny's would really like to get married especially since the agency forbids it. If the agency were smarter, it would use reverse psychology.


    • I noticed that NEWS replaced KAT-TUN on Shonen Club, but I didn’t see an article about it, maybe I missed it. I’ll check again. And I really don’t think Tegoshi would risk anything to do drugs, I hope that gets cleared out.

      As for Okada, I just get the feeling that he’s really happy and so cute these days xD His appearance on Arashi ni Shiyagare was even cuter than ever, especially with Sho-kun xD He’s just blooming for me, and he looks like someone who can’t wait to get married, but again, please don’t cite me on this x))


    • (Replying to my own comment cuz I can’t reply to toradattebasa directly >_<)

      It's so weird there is no article on NEWS as the new host of Shounen Club Premium! I only found out cuz I watched KAT-TUN's last episode.


    • They did post something about it on the NHK website for the show. And with a bit more research, there are some articles from February, not a lot tho. But I might have slipped through it, there was quite a lot of KAT-TUN articles so yeah ._.


  3. The Tegoshi rumor is so ridiculous. He wouldn’t do anything to jeopardize his career and his ability to sing, it’s his everything (that and soccer). So many other people could fit the description.


    • I can totally see him play around all the time, but drugs, no. He wouldn’t risk it. I’m really curious as to why he’s being linked. I just hope the one who started that has at least some proof, and didn’t make it up just to jab at Tegoshi.


  4. I just saw the news about Koyama so in this case it looks like at least one of these rumors is confirmed. I really wonder what this means for the future of NEWS. I’m excited for him though. I have often wondered if Koyama & Shige might eventually go there own way leaving Tego & Massu to just be a duo.

    As for the Okada rumor, I don’t see the agency really allowing him to Miyazaki. If they want to maintain the image that their idols are “pure” then they are now about to allow him to marry a girl he allegedly had an affair with. Then again he could always pull a Jin and do it anyway. I think Okada would do just fine on his own outside of V6 & the agency. I’m not touching the Mao & Jun thing. I seriously wish that rumor would die, but until they are either married to each other or other people it never will.

    On the Sekamuzu vs 99.9 thing … I’ve noticed this. Jun doesn’t seem to be getting near the love that Satoshi is. I get that people are excited to see Satoshi in a role he’s never really done before, but I’m not really understanding why there seems to be a Jun freeze out. Now I do understand that on top of drama filming, Jun also has arena tour to plan and organize and Waku Waku coming up. It’s not like Jun is sitting around at home waiting to do press and interviews for his drama.

    Oh Sho … I can believe this rumor and personally I hope it is true. He’s seems the most likely to date outside of the industry and if how he met this girl is true then it is right up his alley. Far be it from me to understand how someone who looks like Sho can be such a spazz when it comes to the ladies, but I think it is ridiculously cute. My only hope is that Japanese fans don’t run with this and start stalking Ferrari dealerships trying to track this girl down.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I think controlling an idol’s image before he’s 30 is understandable since we’re dealing with Japanese mentality here. But after a man has reached 30? Come on! That’s just sadistic! What 30-something man should have a “pure” image? It’s sick.


    • I totally agree, they should be more lenient as they go older. But I can also understand the agency, cause if its someone who really sells, they would try to milk as much money as they can. I feel so bad for those talents…


  5. Thank you for compiling this~
    I don’t mind to read a long post too ^^

    don’t know if the rumor is true but I agree that sekamuzu promo is hyper than 99.9. Next month Ohno will be in every variety in NTV varieties, but I don’t see jun in tbs show near future (except the hanadan re-run and little corner after the hanadan re-run)
    But tbs has a good reputation in drama field so I am not doubting the drama, anyway best of luck for both drama ^^

    NTV sure love Koyama, maybe this rumor is true because today they announce Koyama will appear at Friday Every starting next month…


  6. Thank you for compiling this
    well idk if 99.9 rumor is true but I agree sekamuzu promo is hyper than 99.9, next month Ohno will be everywhere in NTV variety but I don’t see MJ in any TBS show near future except the hanadan re-run
    but tbs reputation in drama field is good, so I am not doubting abt the drama maybe just in the promotional activity that they lack. but best of luck for both drama tho xD

    NTV sure love Koyama, as a fan I can see it, maybe this rumor is true since today they announce Koyama will appear in Friday Every too starting next month and I can leave NEWS promotion (single & album) in NTV tbh, they even make special corner talking abt NEWS song in this new album in Koyama’s show Chikarauta..haha

    and don’t need to feel pressure about long post, I don’t mind at all ^^
    Thanks again

    Liked by 1 person

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