Top 10 Celebrities You Want as Your Sensei

TBS’s “Rank Ougoku” asked 300 people, in Shibuya and Harajuku, which celebrity do they want as their teacher. Here’s the top ten.

10. Uchimura Teruyoshi (6votes)


9. Nishijima Hidetoshi (7votes)


8. Ishihara Satomi (8votes)


7. Ariyoshi Hiroiki (10)


6. Oizumi Yo (11votes)


5. Matsuko Deluxe (13votes)


4. Yamashita Tomohisa (15votes)

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3. Fukushi Souta (20votes)


2. Saito Takumi (22votes)






1. Sakurai Sho (48votes)

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Here are the comments for Yamapi and Sakurai:

Yamashita Tomohisa: “Hes acting in movies, so I think he would be good at teaching.” “His English is good, I would want to be taught English by him. And he’s also handsome.” “I was watching ‘Kingyori Renai‘, and I thought, if the sensei was actually like that, I would be working hard or something like that.”

Sakurai Sho: ” ’cause he went to Keio University, he seems like he would teach a lot of things.”, “He’s pretty smart, and he’s also a newscaster.”, “If Sakurai was teaching Mathematics, I think I would be able to listen and understand difficult words.”

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Ishihara Satomi is the only female in this ranking and I really like her so she deserves a picture too. You go girl!


(c) tumblr

Tell me if the stars between the names in ranking aren’t too annoying…?


4 thoughts on “Top 10 Celebrities You Want as Your Sensei

  1. I knew it would be Sakurai Sho. He always give the smart vibe around him.
    And Yamapi. Who wouldn’t want a handsome teacher in school? He always cool and handsome. yeah his english also improved a lot this few years.

    I think from johnnys, nishikido would be good too. He play as teacher in dramas XD


  2. I did watch yamaneko today. Kame has done good job.. Not sure why it didn’t get that high ratings.. It was worthy of becoming like GTO or Gokusen.. It can have plenty of series made.. I just enjoyed it. I sincerely wish he gets good impactful projects in future. Nobuta union was too good.

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