Ninomiya’s TV & WakuWaku Gakkou Birthday Celebration

I compiled two stories about Ninomiya Kazunari in this post. The first one will be about Ninomiya’s TV not showing images of his kouhai from NEWS, Koyama Keiichiro, and the second one is him not wanting to celebrate his 33rd birthday during the Waku Waku Gakkou 2016.

They are kinda late, and I’m really sorry about it. My excuse is that the screws of my laptop just came off and I didn’t realize it until it kinda broke down a bit, so it took a few days to fix that. So people, be careful ._.

  • Last Mar 30th, during the broadcast of news every, Arashi‘s Ninomiya Kazunari made a VTR appearance to promote his TV show ‘Nino-san‘. When they asked him about his kouhai who is working for news every, Ninomiya joked, “I always see Fujii-san on TV when I watch the program, but I never see Koyama. Is he really in the news? My TV won’t show Koyama, so this is the first time I hear about him being on the show.”

Ninomiya also added, “With Koyama, we’ve never had the chance to eat together, but I did get to work with him a few times. He’s hardworking and he always give his all in his work. I believe that he’s doing what he loves to do and he’s really happy about it too.”

In response to his sempai, Koyama said,”I’m really happy about this. I always admired how much Ninomiya-san puts into his acting.  I hope one day I’ll appear on his TV screen. Also, please do invite me for a meal later on!”

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  • Nino doesn’t want to celebrate his birthday during Waku Waku Gakkou 2016

Last March 27th, in Ninomiya’s FM Radio program “BayStorm“, he received a message from a listener stating that they are looking forward to the Waku Waku Gakkou, which made Ninomiya feel bitter. He explains that every time Arashi has a live tour, it never falls on his birthday.

This year, Arashi’s “Japonism Show” in Arena will be starting on April 21st till August 10th. But on June 18th, there will be Waku Waku Gakkou’s opening in Osaka, which is the closest date to Nino’s birthday that falls on 17th of June.

Last year, Arashi’s Ohno & Aiba’s birthdays were celebrated during the “ARASHI LIVE TOUR 2014 THE DIGITALIAN” and Ninomiya said that he wanted to do the same.

“I really don’t want to celebrate during Waku Waku Gakkou. Its not a tour, its an event. It’s my dream to celebrate during a tour. It’s not because I want to celebrate with tona of people around, I just want to celebrate during a tour.” For Nino, having his birthday celebrated during a concert is a different thing completely.

“Every other members got to have their birthday celebrated during a tour. It’s only me who gets to celebrate it during Waku Waku Gakkou. But its not that, I just want to celebrate it while we’re on tour. I want to do it during a concert.”

The first and the last time Ninomiya got to celebrate his birthday during a concert was during “ARASHI Marks 2008 Dream-A-live” in Fukuoka, June 18th. The joy and happiness from that time stuck in his mind, and Nino added that if they celebrate it during Waku Waku Gakkou, he would definitely not respond. “I’ll just be sitting down and say ‘We’re in a class right now’.”

Its not as if he wouldn’t be happy with all the birthday wishes from the fans, but “celebrating his birthday during Waku Waku Gakkou” just won’t make him happy.

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Featured image: syazamiya.tumblr


7 thoughts on “Ninomiya’s TV & WakuWaku Gakkou Birthday Celebration

  1. Sorry, I’m on a rant, but where else can I do it about the Johnnies except here? I watched the first episode of the new Shounen Club Premium with NEWS. I hate to say it, but I think the KAT-TUN version was definitely better probably because KAT-TUN’s image was always tougher and the show’s new format is a bit too girly for me. HOWEVER, the NEWS music segment was fantastic. I hope the show will settle in better with the new host as time goes on.


    • I didn’t get to check it yet. But I’ll do what I can in the next few days. It’s so hard to find Japanese TV shows sometimes xD and honestly, I wouldn’t have expected less of NEWS when it comes to music. I’ll look forward to that!


  2. Is it just me or did Nino sound a bit like a jerk at first re Koyama then tried to save it with a nice compliment? Honestly, most of Arashi are aging terribly these days except for Aiba who seems to have been bullied by his group mate in the past. I think Aiba is getting the last laugh now.


    • At first I thought so too, but then again, it’s Nino. He’s kinda like that, although I don’t think he means harm, I have to say he has to keep himself in check sometimes…


  3. Please don’t apologize about any article being late!! We should be thankful that you’re providing this service!! And I love any mention of Koyama! Thank you so much!!

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