Miyake Ken in the Takizawa Kabuki

Tackey & Tsubasa‘s Takizawa Hideaki personally went to talk to V6‘s Miyake Ken to cast him in the “Takizawa Kabuki” and for their KFC CM.

Last January, during the press conference for the musical “Takizawa Kabuki”, Takizawa revealed that after the first overseas shows in Singapore last year, he wanted to get the show into a whole new different direction.

“The cast is not like what you would imagine it to be. I have Miyake-kun who is one of the big sempai to me by my side. Honestly, I have no idea what the show would look like, but that’s what I’m looking forward to see.” said Takizawa.

Miyake-kun said: “I can’t really grab the image of Takizawa and I as a tag team, but I’ll get myself into the ‘Takizawa Kabuki’s’ world and I’ll do my best.”

Takizawa also added that this time, he wanted to make the musical more playful and light hearted. “I want to show more scenes that would bring laughter to the audience.”



Miyake Ken admitted that he’s very familiar with the play, so when the offer came to him, he was so surprised that he decided to invite Takizawa for dinner to ask him the reasons for his casting.

“I just wanted to ask him why I was chosen for the role. I wanted to hear from him, personally, why he choose me. We’ve never really got the chance to work apart from the time during the Junior period, so yeah. I wanted to discuss it over a meal.”

Miyake revealed that they eat while watching the DVD of show. They ate, drank sake, and tea while watching the stage play, and they ended up staying there for 4 hours.

“After talking to him for a considerable amount of time, I really understood why he wanted me to take on the role. I realized he’s a very serious and hard working person. He knows how to deal with things, and he knows how to separate his work and emotions without isolating them too much.”



Recently, it has been revealed that it took Takizawa 4 hours to convince Miyake to join the cast.

Miyake also talked about how he much he had to work on the project. Unlike Tackey, its his first year in the company. He revealed that he studied the stage DVDs, and does his best in practice. He hopes to bring a natural performance to the stage.

“Since there’s a lot of Japanese drums, sword fights and Japanese dance, we make sure to practice every day until the show. I’m not a fan of breaking things down and working on them bits by bits, I rather do things as much as I can while the feeling [to do it] is there. It feel a bit like a challenge since we are doing our best to bring the best results in a limited period of time. Kabuki is not easy, I’ve always admired those who dedicated their lives into the art so I hope to be able to pay honor to them.”

He also praise Tackey and cheered for him. “I’m a member of the company too, so there are times where I give him advice on things. But I think he should also do what he wants to do. It’s his own show after all. A lot of good things come out from mixed different ideas and opinions, but in the end, I would like Tackey to do what he wants to do.”



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One thought on “Miyake Ken in the Takizawa Kabuki

  1. Ken-chan broke his right foot thumb on Takizawa Kabuki, right? So how is he right now? Is he still in the line-up cast?


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