Kis-My-Ft2 Fujigaya’s “Take Five 2” Stage Play starts today! (May 4th)

Take Five 2” is the sequel to last year’s “Take Five” stage play, in which Fujigaya Taisuke also starred in. The show will be playing at the Tokyo Akasaka ACT Theater from May 4th till May 25th.

When the sequel was announced, Fujigaya commented: “I’m very happy to be able to participate in last year’s show. This year, we’ll bring you a powered up version of ‘Take Five’. I am actually really looking forward to it myself.”

The stage play is the same story as the drama “Take Five ~Oretachi wa Ai wo Nusumeru ka~” that was broadcast back in 2013 on TBS.

Up till 20 years ago, together with his father and 3 other people, Homura Masayoshi was part of the legendary group of thieves that called themselves 「TAKE FIVE」. This group stole from the rich who had acquired their wealth through immoral means. Due to an incident, Masayoshi decided to retire from the group, and settled into his life as a professor of Psychology at a reputable university. One day, he runs into a mysterious homeless woman, who passes him a picture of a Leonardo Da Vinci’s painting, which prompts him to re-enter the world of thievery and resurrect 「TAKE FIVE」.

Sasahara Rui joined the Burglary Division in the footsteps of her father, who had died in an accident involving a burglary heist. She wows to take down 「TAKE FIVE」 and stop them from stealing again.

What was the real reason for the disbanding of 「TAKE FIVE」 20 years ago? Who is the mysterious homeless woman and what is the significance of the Da Vinci picture she had given to Masayoshi? How did Rui’s father really died?– by TBS

The cast include, Yamamoto Yusuke, Suruga Taro, Asakura Aki, Shinkawa Yua, Nekoze Tsubaki, Yasota Yuichi, Kozuda Yasuto and Aran Kei.

Yesterday, at the Akasaka ACT Theater, the cast was assembled for the opening of the stage play. Fujigaya revealed that a lot of time, he is running around stage and changing costumes in between sets, since this time he would be taking on two roles in one work.

From left to right: Yamamoto Yusuke, Aran Kei, Shinkawa Yua, Suruga Taro (c) oricon

The actress Shinkawa revealed that Fujigaya is actually really shy. “I’m also really shy myself, and Fujigaya is also really shy, so at first, we didn’t talk to each other at all.” Fujigaya added that they managed to close up the distance a little bit thanks to the scenes that they had to act in together. With a shy and embarrassed smile, he also said that recently they managed to say “Good Morning” to each other.

Shinkawa Yua (c) oricon 

Shinkawa also revealed that when she starred with Tamamori Yuta in Seishun Tantei Haruya, she and Tamamori haven’t had a conversation until the last three weeks of the shoots. And Fujigaya said “I’m sorry about that, Kisumai has a lot of shy people…” which made everyone laugh.

via oricon 1 2, TBS


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