Bits & Pieces 36

Hello~ I have regrouped a lot of articles that was kinda left out in my list of articles to translate just to get them off the list, so they are a little bit out of date…?  I hope you don’t mind but I’m updating the list with recent ones. So this might feel a little bit half-assed, but I needed a bit of time sorting out what to translate and what to skip. I still have a hard time figuring it out…

Without further ado, there’s the 36th Edition of Bits & Pieces. Involved parties are: Ikuta Toma, NEWS‘s Tegoshi Yuya & Masuda Takahisa, Arashi‘s Aiba Masaki, KAT-TUN‘s Nakamaru Yuichi, Kis-My-Ft2‘s Miyata Toshiya.


Vamp Bamboo Burn Official Website
  • Ikuta Toma‘s Stage Play, Vamp Bamboo Burn Update

Aside from a visual for Toma’s character, in which he looks amazing, we also have the dates for the shows.

Vamp Bamboo Burn Official Website

The show will be starting in Nagano, at the Santo Myuse, from Aug 5th till the 7th, followed by the shows in Tokyo, at the Akasaka ACT Theater, from Aug 17th till Sep 18th, then in Toyama, at the Aubade Hall, from Oct 7th till the 9th and finally in Osaka, at the Festival Hall, from Oct 19th till the 31st (just in time for Halloween!).

via Vamp Bamboo Burn Official Website


  • The table manners that Tegoshi wants us all to have

On April 27th’s broadcast of MBS’s “Tegomass’s Radio“, a listener asked Tegomass if a girl should be doing her best to be elegant during a meal.


Masuda: I would probably wouldn’t like a girl without manners, but eating like she normally does would be fine. If she’s too polite or something, it would be a bit weird, wouldn’t it?

Tegoshi expressed himself saying that, he would rather have a girl who eats without worrying about the other too much, than a girl who tries her best to look elegant. He also reveal the bad habits that he cannot stand during a meal.

Tegoshi: Resting your elbows on the table are no good for me. I absolutely hate that. I also don’t like when they prattle too much. Prattle and elbows on the table, I really don’t like that. Even when men does it, I don’t like it.

Although you should mind your manners around Tegoshi, he wouldn’t mind if you just eat how you would usually do.

via jnews1


  • Aiba Masaki‘s sharehouse

On TV Tokyo’s “Totsugeki! Hajimemashite Variety Ichigen-san!” (March 19th), Aiba Masaki revealed that he would want to do a sharehouse with Sakurai Sho.

“Since he can precisely set up the schedules, he would be able to just do everything for me. ‘Today we’ll eat this, today we’ll go here’ etc. I don’t think that I won’t be able to live with any of them, but if I had to choose, then it would be MatsuJun. I don’t know but, I have the impression that he would tell me “The remote control is not in the right place.” But its just my image, he’s not that kind of person. But for me, I tend to think he has those kind of sides too. He’s Mister Stoic after all!”

via jnews1


  • Nakamaru & Maggie‘s encounter at a football match

On NTV’s BuzzRhythm (April 1st), KAT-TUN’s Nakamaru Yuichi revealed the time he accidentally saw Maggie at a football match, a few years ago.

Nakamaru said, by chance, he was seated right in front of Maggie. “The person right behind me spilled beer and scones, and my bag got wet. So I turned around wondering who it was, and then I realized it was Maggie.”

Maggie responded that she doesn’t think that it was her that spilled the drinks. “I was there with 5 or 6 of my friends. And we were all drinking too, but I apologize for that.”

via jnews1


  • Kis-My-Ft2‘s Miyata Toshiya is mama’s boy

On TBS’s “Momm!!”, SMAP‘s Nakai Masahiro asked Miyata, “I think you really love your mom, right? If you put your mind into it, would you be able to sleep with her?”

Miyata answered: “Even I don’t try to force myself, I can sleep in the same room as her.” Then, his bandmate, Nikaido Takashi asked him if he would be able to take a bath with his mom.

Miyata said: “Yeah I can, we’re not man and woman.” to which Nakai-kun returned, in a tsukkomi, “Naturally!”

via jnews1



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