Kazama Shunsuke and Inoo Kei Best Friends Again Thanks to Aiba Masaki

At the end of April, Kazama Shunsuke went on Meringue no Kimochi. Here’s what he talked about on the show.

Kazama talked about the time when he and Inoo met recently for the first time in 2 years. Kazama was having a meal with Arashi’s Aiba Masaki at Aiba’s house. “And then we somehow winded up talking about cats. And we both knew that Inoo really likes cats. So Aiba-chan was like, ‘If its cats, then its Inoo right?’ And then somehow we ended up calling Inoo over.”

Since Aiba and Inoo are both regulars on Tensai Shimura Doubutsuen, it wouldn’t be that surprising that Aiba brought him up.

On Inoo’s side, he said: “I got a phone call out of nowhere and [Aiba] went ‘We’ll watch cats on TV so Inoo, you come here too.’ So I went to Aiba-kun’s house and then I am faced with Kazama-kun whom I didn’t see for two years.”

After that, it seemed like the host left them together while he went to nap.

“Since we’re [Aiba & Kazama] both busy these days, Aiba-chan said he was sleepy, and at first he was just dozing off on the sofa, but then he decided to move to his bedroom to take a nap, leaving me and Inoo alone. The host completely disappeared.”

Inoo added: “And like, I didn’t see Kazama-kun for like 2 years right? And going to Aiba-kun’s house for me is not something I do usually. And then I had to be alone with Kazama-kun… To be honest, it was so awkward.”

Kazama: When there’s a guest at your house, you would ask them what to drink right? But it wasn’t at home, so I was debating on whether to say that, because you know I’m the senpai here. It was a weird night but now we’re super best friends!

Then Hisamoto Masami, the host of the show asked Kazama if he and Aiba got along, to which Kazama responded: “We’re at the point where when someone asks us who are we close with in the agency, I can only say his name. We’re kind of a pairing now”

Kazama also said that he also gets along with Ikuta Toma as well, but most of the time, it’s just Aiba. But he did have dinner with SMAP’s Kusanahi Tsuyoshi, since they were in a movie together.

Kazama: When he asked me what did I like? I told him that I liked hamburgers. Then we were walking down the streets, when Kusanagi-kun walked in a hamburger restaurant, and started to introduce me to the staff, saying that I liked hamburgers so next time when I come here, to treat me generously. And when we got out of the store, I asked him if he comes here often, but then he said that he has never been there before!

After that, they had showed Kazama’s Disneyland’s Annual Passport, dating from 1997 till 2016. He said to have gone there about 400 times already, and now he just goes to Disneyland to drink tea and read books, saying that it’s one of the freedom that the annual passport gives you.

He also gave some recommendations for Disney: “This year’s the 15th anniversary for Disney, so there’s a lot of special events. And there’s also the Big Band Beat Show that has gone into renewal. Now there’s humans and characters singing together and also, there’s a part where Mickey has his own solo drum corner, and after that, he also tap dances. You’d think that Mickey is a cute character but at that time, he was so cool.”

Kazama also talks about his recent visit to the Disneyland in Florida. “I’ve always wanted to go to one, and I’ve been doing research since I was in elementary school. And when I was there, I had the maps in my mind, so I was like, “Ohhh so it was actually really here.”

“I went there for 5 days, but it was not enough [to see everything].” Kazama also revealed that he had filmed everything while he was awake, he had over 60 hours of video. After he edited everything, he had 4 hours of video left in the end.

They showed a behind the scenes video of the stage play that Kazama is playing, and it highlighted the fact that Kazama hates to stretch. He also doesn’t really like Roppongi and NishiAzabu as much. “I’m sure there a lot of great people there, but one thing I’m really bad with are people who starts a handshake from above the elbow. And people who you’ve just met a minute ago, who pounds their chest together saying ‘Respect'”. He also doesn’t know how to be angry.

Update about me, and a small apology

Sorry for the lack of images. My dad got me into driving school, so yeah, I would be a bit busy, and I won’t be able to update it as much. I think you might already get a clue from the frequency of the updates these past few weeks. And sadly, I think it would continue for a few more weeks, or even until I settle down in Japan.

I’m in my final stage of my moving to Japan in terms of paperwork, so that I means, all I need to is get my VISA and then I’m off. But I got to wait for a few more papers to arrive from Japan to apply for the VISA.

I’m sorry for the lack of work on this blog for now, I’ll try my best to re-construct my schedule and spend more time on the blog. But for now, please bear with me .__.

via jnews1 + the show Meringue no Kimochi April 30th Featured Images here & here


7 thoughts on “Kazama Shunsuke and Inoo Kei Best Friends Again Thanks to Aiba Masaki

  1. Aww.. I want to live in japan too! Good luck in japan! I hope kazama will meet often with inoo from now on to hang out together. Inoo is not shy, but he’s also introverted like aiba. There isn’t many johnnies meet up with inoo in private time. Kazama is kind & friendly, so hopefully he can be a closed senpai to inoo.


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