[Breaking News] TOKIO Yamaguchi divorces after 8 years of marriage

On the 5th of August 2016, TOKIO Yamaguchi Tatsuya will be divorcing his wife of 8 years.

This is an article based of the live broadcast of the press conference/interview. I was eating a pretty late lunch when TBS show GOGO~ SMILE~ broadcasted the live event. So here’s what I’ve been able to catch.

Yamaguchi Tatsuya married his wife back in 2008 after 8 years of dating. Today, he announced to the press that they have decided to get divorced. The interview was held today in Tokyo around 2PM local time.


credit: Twitter screenshot not from TBS


It seems like the divorce was initiate by his wife. The talk about going separate ways seems to have started since three years ago, and they had started to live separately since this year in April.

Yamaguchi Tatsuya said that the reason they decided to get a divorce was because of their frequent couple fights and his busy schedule is one of the main reasons. They fought a lot and for no reason, and over trivial things. Slowly, it seems like the couple was worried about their children and how it could affect them. His wife suggested they should thinking about divorce, about three years ago. He said that at first he wasn’t as inclined as he is now but after talking it over with his wife countless times, they decided to get divorce this month on a friendly basis.

During the press conference, Yamaguchi blamed himself a lot for putting his wife into this situation, he says that he neglected his family a lot, but they were kind enough to cope with his busy schedule but he feels guilty about not being able to be there for his wife and kids. He even had to ask his parents and her parents to look after them.

On the topic of divorce with his wife, it seems to be on very friendly terms, his wife isn’t asking any consolation fees and it seems that she is willing to take care of the children’s daily lives and spendings. Yamaguchi also said, he will probably be looking for a house close to them so he could see them whenever he wants as he is able to still see his children any day and any time of the year.

When asked about their love lives or a possibility of a remarriage, Yamaguchi had said that both of them have their own separate lives and things they want to do. In a joking manner, he said that it would be weird that he would find someone right after their divorce, mainly to lighten up the mood in this situations, which was immediately followed by the laughter of the reporters and audiences.

Recently, he received a hand written letter from his wife saying, “これからもよろしくね。” which roughly translates into, “From now on, let’s work hard together”. If any of you who are well versed in the Japanese language, you would know how inaccurate the translations from Japanese to English would be. This would be my interpretation in this context, and I apologize in advance if this needs to be corrected in the near future.

Yamaguchi told us that they had worked with a lawyer to figure out the official papers. His children (8 and 6 years old boys) was also present during the meetings with the lawyer and Yamaguchi had said that it seems that they are completely supportive and mature about their parent’s situation.

He had told his fellow TOKIO members two days ago before the press conference, they had said something like, even if you do go through with the divorce, both your wife and children will be smiling in the future more and more.

He also wants to apologize to his fans also to the people who supported him. He hopes that he will still get their support and promises to be the same Yamaguchi they all know. Since TOKIO aren’t doing live shows right now, he feels like he isn’t able to talk to his fans directly which he feels very sorry about.

One reporter had remarked that this was the first case of a divorce in the Johnny’s, in which Yamaguchi had answered that it kinda feels weird that he would be the first but he is glad that he’s able to have the freedom to say the words that he wants to say, directly from his own mouth.

He still admires his wife and they are still are able that they still love each other and that he is grateful for that.

Yamaguchi politely asked the press and the fans to not try to get into his families’ private lives even right now there’s a lot if light that are being directed on them, and state that he will be doing his best to protect them.


Yamaguchi Tatsuya looked very at peace with the decisions he made with his wife. During the whole interview, he’s never once said anything bad about his wife and he always said that it was his fault that he was neglecting them. When he left the interview, he bowed to each and every one carefully, expressing his gratitude for giving him the chance to speak for himself.


I believe I have most of the details here, and I will be looking for more articles soon so I can complete the things that are missing. The show was live and in the middle, they cut into a commercial which really made my jaw drop since it was big news in the Johnny’s community…

Everything here was written based on what I understood from the live broadcast, and some parts might be slightly off or missing, so please wait for updates from other sources.

Usually with written sources and articles online, I can check over and over again whether I made a mistake translating or not, but in this case, its very hard for me to tell. I’ll update the article if there are anything to be updated.


One thought on “[Breaking News] TOKIO Yamaguchi divorces after 8 years of marriage

  1. Thanks for this article!

    His interview was thoroughgoing,covered all the topic which fans and media wanted to know, such as monetary settlement,reason for divorce,children’s reaction and their future,collegues’s reaction etc

    One thing for sure,there will be monetary settlement involved and more reasons than his busy schedule for this divorce.
    Its always best to blame yourself in front of media than blame others to avoid any further discussion. Also no one will share the money settlement details with media,but something has to be said.

    If his busy schedule is the reason for divorce,I guess managers at Johnny’s must give interviews instead of him,since they decide the schedule of their talents.

    I am not worried for Yamaguchi since he seems to be at peace:) Waiting to see how he steers his career from now on.


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