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jnewseng is a summarized form of “Johnnys’ News in English”, which is inspired by the Japanese Johnny’s news sourcejnews1

Johnny’s News in English is dedicated to post the latest news, rumors, and updates from various Johnny’s Japanese Media Sources for the benefit of those who are unable to translate or understand Japanese.

In addition, jnewseng will also post random drama reviews (mostly limited to the first episode of each Johnny-starring drama per season) and opinion sections that have caught the interest of the author.

Furthermore, jnewseng won’t be posting news that are: (a) 7 days old or more ; (b) major news sources (in English) have translated it ; (c) no Japanese source; and (d) upcoming singles/record sales. For upcoming singles, refer to this page or simply visit Johnny’s official site. Johnny’s web now have English, Chinese, and Korean translations.

Lastly, this is a non-profit blog, just a fangirl’s blog as the author’s own way of contributing to Johnny’s Entertainment fandom with hopes that more people (of any ages) would be happy and informed.

Blog History

  • Aug 7, 2012 – Started jnewseng.wordpress.com
  • July 7, 2014 – jnewseng.wordpress.com becomes jnewseng.com
  • unknown date – We’re back to jnewseng.wordpress.com

About Admins

lunastrablue (Julia) – Feb 2016 to Present (Administrator;Blogger)

Mikuchin Aug 2012 to Jan 2016 (Retired in blogging and now functions as web maintenance)


About writing for jnewseng 

Can I write for you?

Absolutely! I can take care of news so I want new writers/bloggers who’ll write single/album reviews, drama and movie reviews, and other personal commentaries of whatsoever involving Johnny’s Entertainment.

Any requirements? 

  • a wordpress.com account, this is a MUST
  • Loves to write
  • Loves Johnny’s Entertainment most of all.

Will I get paid? 

Sorry, this is a non-profit blog and I want this to be ad-free as much as possible so this is really a work of love.

That’s all? 

Well, leave a comment on this page and I’ll get back to you, or you can email me at mikuchin@jnewseng.com



-I personally translated every news here (to my hardest capability since Japanese is not my native language) so NEVER claimed my translated news as your own. In short, I would love to be credited for the hard work that I did.

-I credit all my sources well, even the images that I used whether or not I got it from 1st, 2nd…nth party. All news have their proper link to the main source, if the link has been broken then please leave a message/reply and I’ll correct it.

-In most images, you can only see “(c)name of source”. Most of those images have been taken from tumblr so the name is the tumblr‘s username, otherwise stated. In addition, most images are hotlink so clicking the image will usually re-direct you to the source. In the event that you saw your image on my blog that is uncredited/ not hotlink, just leave a message.

-I’m not scared of negative comments and I do published/approved all of them for the sake of transparency and fairness especially if you have a good point. However, in cases when a visitor just want to troll around for the sake of making fun of this blog or Johnny’s, then don’t expect me to published/approved your comment.

-As with comments, you can be rest assured that any information (name and email) that you have input in this site will be kept confidential and will never be published on this site.


30 thoughts on “About

  1. Hello, My name is Jasmine and I am the leader of the Jpop community on the Amino app. I was wondering if you would be willing to give us a shout out on your blog or maybe even your youtube channel? In return, you can also advertise your blog on our community. Here’s a link to the community http://aminoapps.com/c/jpop/ I’ll be waiting for your reply!


  2. Hi Mikuchin,
    Today went through your recommendations blog.. I can always refer this if I have to begin with a new drama. The classification and the brief description you gave is excellent. Based on my mood I can pick up the drama from those categories.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Hi Mikuchin,

    Love your blogs. I am new to your site. its very informative and entertaining.. Hope you continue to bring us exciting news about Johnny’s. I am new to Jpop and Jdoramas,but thoroughly enjoying them..

    Keep doing good work.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you Suhani for visiting jnewseng.com. Unfortunately, I’m no longer blogging for this site so all credits for all new posts to toradattebasa! XD


  4. This is a great site! Not too fan-girly, but all the bits and pieces that English-speaking fans can’t really get anywhere else. Thanks for doing this!


  5. Hi Mikuchin
    Thanks for the hard work that you are doing and I hope more successful for you in the future.Do you have any social network website to contact with you ?

    Best regards


  6. Hi Miku! Thank you so much for taking the time on this website, when I first become interested in JE it really helped me (it’s so difficult to get news about the guys unless you are already in fandom haha)
    Are you still looking for a co-writer? I’d love to write reviews of albums and dramas and the likes for the site 🙂


  7. Hi mikuchan. Just wondering how long you’ve been studying japanese to be fluent enough to translate, especially with all the kanji. I’m almost reaching 2 years and can do JLPT N3 if I continue a bit more. Was wondering how long it’ll take till I can read and understand a japanese novel, it’s sorta my dream to be able to do that 🙂


    • Hi Aishah! I won’t consider myself fluent in Japanese, I’m far from being fluent. You’re even higher than me since I’ve only been assessed at N5 back in college. Having a dictionary helps a lot and those Japanese apps from Apple. Since I suck at kanji, I use http://www.hiragana.jp/ to translate kanji to hiragana most of the time. As for reading a japanese novel, start with mangas, that’s typically how I started since the conversations are simpler and slowly, pick-up some poetries and short stories before you move to novels. Wish you all the best!


  8. Hi Mikuchin, noticed that you have switched to customized domain now. Can you share with me the perks of doing so? Did you buy the domain from WordPress? Can you customize the width of your posts by doing that?

    I’ve been considering to do the same, only because i want more control over the layout of posts in my site.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi! It was just an upgrade and I only paid for the domain name and mapping via wordpress. My blog is still hosted by wordpress and all my past and future post will be automatically redirected to the .com site. One of the downside is that you would lose all share counts via FB and twitter with your old posts once you become a .com. The upside, just really an increase in traffic and it’ll be easier for search engine sites to index your blog. Other than that, customizing the theme would incur different charges.
      Good luck!


  9. thank you for doing this, I mostly rely on communities, though some of it are restricted, so I’m thankful to read from a general site. thanks again!

    Liked by 1 person

  10. Maybe I’m late in responding here ..
    But fell in love with this blog soon ..
    She is beautiful and clear ..
    I am an Arab girl .. it is very difficult to get news johnny’s English .. (Before that there will be in the English language site Johnny’s)
    I’m bad in Japanese language ..
    You impressive .. Japanese is not ur native language ..
    I always follow .. and every time I translate any of the news here I am referring to this Blog ..
    I apologize if it is not clear .. my bad English too ..

    Liked by 1 person

  11. Thank you for doing this. I am a fan of Japanese entertainment from their music, dramas, movies, animes, mangas and the likes. I love JBoys (Japanese Boys) and 80% of my idols are Johnny’s so I am so happy to have stumbled upon your blog. Hope you’ll continue to update this blog. God Bless. Ganbatte!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you so much for the follow and for commenting on every Kamenashi Kazuya posts. XD. I’m a huge fan of Kame as well. I’ll make sure to work hard in the future.


    • Hehehe…I love JBoys not just Johnny’s but most of them are Johnny’s artist. Though Kame is not my ichiban, he’s one of my nibans, but I love reading everything about him and of course KAT-TUN. I love your blog. So i’m looking forward o more updates. 🙂


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