TV Drama Specials, a Movie & Maruyama

Hey guys! Not much news today, the Johnny’s world is a little bit slow today… but there are a few rumors floating around the web… and I’m looking for time to get through them, but there’s just no time yet, so for now, just some TV drama, a movie and Maruyama.

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Bits & Pieces 35

April is coming soon, and I have been mentioning about how excited I am for “Sekai Ichi Muzukashii Koi” and “99.9”, and I’ll say it again, I just cannot wait to watch those two dramas. I’ve been rather busy around the end of these months, especially with finals for the Japanese course I’ve taken, so I’m really looking forward to April in a whole anyway.

Involved Parties in this edition are: the Junior Boys, Kanjani8’s Maruyama Ryuhei, V6’s Okada Junichi, and Sexy Zone’s Sato Shori.

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Eighters Fires at Model Kawabata Arisa

In Johnny’s land, there’s an existing fan etiquette that everyone should follow including celebrities. Back in 2013, Kosuke Kitajima became friendly with Arashi‘s Sakurai Sho, who then invited him to see Arashi’s AraFes. Unfortunately, Kosuke receives some bashing from Arashians after he posted a tweet that he is watching Arafes. Some Arashians, who didn’t manage to get those precious balloted tickets, bashed him for being insensitive to the feelings of those who didn’t get in.

(c)girls channel

Since no one is exempted from fans wrath on proper manners, reader model of JJ magazine got to experience wrath from Eighters. Model Kawabata Arisa attended KANJANI8‘s Recital “Omae no heart wo tsukandaru!” last July 18th and on July 19th, she posted pictures of her and her friend inside the venue. Everyone knows that fancams is strictly prohibited inside the venue, she’s lucky that she didn’t get caught.

Anyway, what irks fans the most are Kawabata’s posts, like how she’s only 6 rows away from the stage so she can see them closer, how she likes Nishikido Ryo a lot and seeing him closer is too cool and different. I think that the Nishikido comments is what irked most fans. haha. Some Eighters bashed her for her lack of manners, for being proud that she’d seen the guys closer, and for even wearing stilletos since it’ll be an inconvenience to audience behind her. Ugh, when fans bashed, they bashed all the way. Gahd, how many times she must stick her tongue out? XD

Oh well, Kawabata have longed deleted those pictures from her blog so next time, be considerate.

via Daily News Online

Kanjani8 to do a Summer Recital

A good chance for fans to get closer Eito!

It was announced that Kanjani8 will be having an arena tour this summer that will be in “recital” format. The said tour is called “KANJANI8 Recital “Omae no heart wo tsukandaru!” that will start in July at Kobe and will end in September at Shizuoka. It is expected that the arena tour will mobilized 230,000 fans.

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“Misono Universe” to be Screened in Five Countries

Subaru’s first movie is definitely a hit.

It’s been announced that Kanjani8‘s Shibutani Subaru‘s movie, “Misono Universe“, have grossed 200 million Yen based from movie ranking. Based from it’s earnings, the said movie will be having long-run screening in theaters.

In addition, after being screened in the “44th Rotterdam International Film Festival” with the working title “La La La at Rock Bottom”, the movie is also set to participate in other movie festivals such as Shanghai International Film Festival in China as well as in Taiwan, Italy, Germany, and Spain.

Misono Universe” is Shibutani’s first solo movie where he plays a man with an overwhelming voice but is sadly suffering from a memory loss.

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Maruyama Ryuhei to Host a Saturday Show

I’m not too sure about Maru’s skills as a host, he looks more fit to be a comedian but let’s see.

It was announced that Kanjani8‘s Maruyama Ryuhei will serve as MC for TBS new show, “Saturday Plus!“(Sata de purasu), that will air every Saturday morning starting this April. The said show will be replacing “Shittoko!” that has been on air since 2003.

The main theme of the show are “money” and “health”. The group will also give information on self defense, gossips, and travel where a travel gourmet will flood the streets to deliver information that one should really know.

This is Maruyama’s first time to host a news show and he will be joined by Kosakai Kazuki (59) and Kojima Ruriko (21) to show and cover differences between three generations.

Saturday Plus!” will start this April 4th at 08:00 (JST) on TBS and MBS.

via Oricon

Okura Tadayoshi Plays a Detective in “Do S” opposite of Tabe Mikako

After playing a sadistic boss in “Clover”, Okura’s new role will be “M”.

It was announced that Kanjani8‘s Okura Tadayoshi will star in “Do S Deka” (Do S keiji/super sadist detective) that will air this April. “Do S Deka” is based from Nanao Yoshi‘s novel that feature a super-S woman detective and a good-natured policeman who became her partner.

In the drama, Tabe Mikako will play the role of Kuroi Maya, a super S detective known for her love to look at people’s troubled faces. While Okura will play the role of Daikanyama Shuusuke, a soft-hearted yet a scatterbrain policeman who works in a police box. Due to a certain incident, Shuusuke will chance to meet Maya, and will find himself unfortunately partnered with her to solve cases.

Okura and Tabe have worked before in “Yasuko to Kenji” and “GM: General Medicine”. Okura is thrilled to work with Tabe again and says that no matter how much she will attack him, more than half the members of Kanjani8 are Do-S so he’s used to being flung around.

Do S Deka” will air this April on NTV.

via jnews1 and Daily Sports