Bits & Pieces 37

I do feel very guilty about not writing or posting anything the past month. And with that being said, I also believe that I should be doing more Bits & Pieces since I won’t need to think much about the format of the post.

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Bits & Pieces 36

Hello~ I have regrouped a lot of articles that was kinda left out in my list of articles to translate just to get them off the list, so they are a little bit out of date…?  I hope you don’t mind but I’m updating the list with recent ones. So this might feel a little bit half-assed, but I needed a bit of time sorting out what to translate and what to skip. I still have a hard time figuring it out…

Without further ado, there’s the 36th Edition of Bits & Pieces. Involved parties are: Ikuta Toma, NEWS‘s Tegoshi Yuya & Masuda Takahisa, Arashi‘s Aiba Masaki, KAT-TUN‘s Nakamaru Yuichi, Kis-My-Ft2‘s Miyata Toshiya.

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Ninomiya’s TV & WakuWaku Gakkou Birthday Celebration

I compiled two stories about Ninomiya Kazunari in this post. The first one will be about Ninomiya’s TV not showing images of his kouhai from NEWS, Koyama Keiichiro, and the second one is him not wanting to celebrate his 33rd birthday during the Waku Waku Gakkou 2016.

They are kinda late, and I’m really sorry about it. My excuse is that the screws of my laptop just came off and I didn’t realize it until it kinda broke down a bit, so it took a few days to fix that. So people, be careful ._.

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Shigeaki Kato’s “Pink to Gray” Manga Gets a Movie Starring Nakajima Yuto

YAY~~~! Double win for the agency since Shige’s first work will turn to a movie while Yuto gets his first lead movie role!

NEWSShigeaki Kato debut novel, “Pink to Gray“, will be made into a movie starring Hey!Say!JUMP‘s Nakajima Yuto. The said movie will be directed by Yukisada Isao of “Sekai no chushin de, ai o sakebu” fame.

“Pink to Gray” was published in 2012 and sold 160,000 copies in circulation. Set in the entertainment industry, it’s a sad story of success and failure between best friends, where one became a star while the other does not. Nakajima will play the role of Kawata Daiki, the unpopular one of the two friends. Expect some twists as some scenes that are not in the novel will appear in the movie.

When I wrote the novel, I didn’t expect that it will be made into a movie,” Shigeaki commented. As for his kouhai performing the role, Shigeaki believes that Nakajima can do it.

Joining the rest of the cast, are: Suda Masaki, Kaho, Yagira Yuya, and Kishii Yukino. Filming will start in the middle of this month and will be released in 2016.

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Sakurai Sho and Koyama Keiichiro to Cover NTV’s Election Special

Two Johnny’s special casters, how cute.

As reported,

NTV announced that Arashi‘s Sakurai Sho and NEWS‘s Koyama Keiichiro were chosen as special casters for NTV’s “ZERO x Election 2014” special on Dec 14th. Sakurai had served as a special caster for NTV’s coverage of the House of Representatives election since 2007 while this is the first time for Koyama.

Koyama will take charge of the special’s first part and will report live from the party’s headquarters and candidate’s office while Sakurai will take charge of the second part, where he will go straight ahead to Tokyo studio after Arashi’s Sapporo Dome concert.

Sakurai has been a regular of NTV’s “NEWS ZERO” every Monday night while Koyama is part of “news every”.

via jnews1 and Daily Sports

Sho is such a workaholic!

NEWS to have a New Variety Show

A variety show for NEWS and a chance for the four of them to host it together.

As reported,

It has been announced that NEWS will be hosting Nippon TV’s variety special, titled: “4 x 9” starting this October. This is the group’s first variety show as a 4-nin group.

The program contents will be have the members interact with 9 unique members of  public via the internet from the studio to their homes. There will be a certain theme to talked about each week and NEWS will be divided into 2 sets where one will go on location to do a “force house investigation”.

Masuda Takahisa says that the show is an “epoch-making” system in an uncanny time while Koyama Keiichiro is glad for the opportunity for the show to become a regular and to increase the group’s activity. Read More »