Okada Junichi Nominated for Two Acting Awards in Japan Academy Prize


On Jan 14th, nominations for the 38th Japan Academy Prize were announced and V6‘s Okada Junichi is nominated for two of the top prizes for Excellence in Acting: Outstanding Performance by an Actor in a Leading Role (Eien no Zero) and Outstanding Performance by an Actor in a Supporting Role (Higurashi no Ki).

Up to now, it’s in Johnny’s & Associates policy that they “don’t participate in this prize race” because “superiority or inferiority should not be attach to a talent”. In fact, SMAP‘s Kimura Takuya have declined a nomination in 2006 for his performance in “Love and Honor” under Japan Academy Prize. Furthermore, Okada  and Kimura both declined a nomination back in 2007 under Blue Ribbon Awards because of the agency’s policy.

“Okada has appeared in 20 movies up until now, and it’s not an exaggeration to say that he grew as an actor from movies. Okada accepted the award for Hochi Film Awards last year as well as for Nikkan Sports Movie Awards. When the notice from Japan Academy Award Prize was received, his schedule was adjusted  so he can attend the ceremony.” (comment from the agency)

Japan Academy Association’s Secretary General, Tomiyama Shogo, said that he’s happy that a new door has opened when the issue on the agency’s refusal of awards nomination was brought up.

The 38th Japan Academy Awards Ceremony will happened on Feb 27th at Grand Prince Hotel and will be broadcasted in NTV.

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Okada Junichi Returns as the Demon Teacher in “Library Wars”

I just mentioned that I’m shipping Okada and Eikura and now they have given me more reasons to keep on hoping.

As reported,

It was announced that V6‘s Okada Junichi will star in the sequel of “Toshokan Sensou” (Library Wars) which was last shown in theaters last year.

Titled as “Toshokan Sensou LAST MISSION“, the movie will also star the previous casts that includes Eikura Nana, Kuriyama Chiaki, Tanaka Kei, and Fukushi Sota. Okada is pleased to work again with the previous cast and staff, he says that he’s looking forward to enter the world of “Toshokan Sensou” and aims for a greater scale than the first one.

“Toshokan Sensou” is based from Hiro Arikawa‘s bestselling novel that sold 2.8 million copies. It tells the story of a self-defense organization (Library Defense Force) that protects books from overdone censorship of the special forces. The story is set in fictitious near future of Japan. It also draws the romantic comedy story between a demon instructor (Okada) and a newcomer female member (Eikura).

The sequel will be set after a year and a half after the “Odawara information history library battle” where “Media Improvement Law” regulates all forms of media. Further conflict ensues between strict censorship of Media Improvement Committee and Library Defense Force who opposes any form of censorship and a record-high battle will begin.

Filming scheduled on mid-December and “Toshokan Sensou LAST MISSION” will hit the theaters on Oct 2015.

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Additional Casts Annoucement for NHK’s “Gunshi Kanbee”


Last Aug 8th, V6′s Okada Junichi attended the press conference for NHK‘s 2014 Taiga drama “Gunshi Kanbee” (Kanbee Strategist). Aside from Okada, 17 of the rest of the cast were also present, which includes: Uchida Yuki, Kiritani Mirei, Takaoka Saki, Minamisawa Nao, Yoshimoto Miyu, Hayami Mokomichi, Fukikoshi Mitsuru, Shobutei Koasa, Ryu Raita, Shiomi Sansei, Tanaka Tetsushi, Tanaka Kei, Hamada Gaku, Takahashi Issei, Tsukamoto Takashi, Nagai Masaru, and Matsuzaka Tori, who was absent from the presscon due to pneumonia.

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Morita Go Chooses Silence on Whether he and misono are Dating


Last Jan 11th, Morita Go was interviewed by the press conference for the play, “Inori to kaibutsu ~Willeville no san Shimai~” in Tokyo. Reporters asked him about the news that he was spotted with misono on a golf date, as published by Shukan Josei October last year. However, Morita chose to ignore those questions by keeping a downward gaze and even left the conference in silence.

The said stage play will start tomorrow- Jan 12th with Yukio Ninagawa in-charge of the stage production and Keralino Sandorovich (KERA) as the playwright.  “Inori to kaibutsu ~Willeville no san Shimai~” have ran last December with KERA as the Director, this will be Yukio’s version of the play for their “Director’s Confrontation”.

Morita will play the role of a zookeeper, the performance that was shown to the reporters have been vivid and the long lines have been a challenge. Yukio and Morita have worked before for “Chi wa Tatta-mama Nemutte-iru” last 2010.

“Inori to kaibutsu ~Willeville no san Shimai~” will run from Jan 12th to Feb 3rd, 2013.


Lots of Action Scenes for Junichi Okada in “Library War” Movie


V6‘s Junichi Okada was a dashing highway action star in his upcoming movie “Library War” (Toshokan Senso) where production press conference was recently held. Based from Hiro Arikawa‘s popular novel of the same title, the movie depicts the fictional battle when freedom of expression was lifted in year 2019 and books became a source of unfair censorship.

5,000 gunshots were fired for the movie’s firefight (gun fighting) scenes, though only half of the movie has action scenes, most of which involves firefighting. A shopping center in Joso, Ibaraki was closed to film the firefight scene where they have to scatter 40,000 books and magazines to give library war a realistic feel. With windows closed, Okada went on to face a 9mm machine gun as dust cover the area.

Okada is also confident in doing his action scenes, he trained 5-6 days/week doing Shooto, Jeet Kun Do, and Kali with a Filipino martial-arts expert. “Action is one of the weapons of an actor. I trained myself well so I’m confident that I can do more of this in the future,” Okada shared.

Although Okada enjoys his character as the demon-instructor Doujou Atsushi of the Library Defense Force, he can’t help but feel guilty  in a scene where he has to slapped Kasahara Iku (Eikura Nana) that made her cry. “I was never hit even by my parents,” Eikura shared.

Joining Okada in the movie, are: Eikura Nana, Kuriyama Chiaki, Tanaka Kei, Fukushi Sota and Ishizaka Kouji.

Directed by Shinsuke Sato, “Library Wars” will hit the theaters on Apr 27, 2013.

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V6’s Junichi Okada to Star in a Taiga Drama on 2014


It has been announced that V6‘s Junichi Okada will star in NHK‘s Taiga drama slated to air on 2014. The said drama is titled, “Gunshi Kanbee” (Kanbee strategist), where Okada will play the role of Kanbee Kuroda (Kanbei Kuroda or Yoshitaka Kuroda), a legendary strategist for Hideyoshi Toyotomi during the turbulent days of Warring State Period. Kanbee is known to be ambitious and have plans in taking the country for himself from the “three heroes”- Oda Nobunaga, Hideyoshi Toyotomi, and Ieyasu Tokugawa. Furthermore, Kanbee is known as a Christian-convert, loyal to his wife, loves poems, and tea ceremonies.

“Gunshi Kanbee” is Okada’s debut in Taiga drama. “I want to play a multi-faceted role like Kanbee that is rich in humanity. As the strongest no.2, he [Kanbee] has an image that makes Hideyoshi scared of him because he can do too much. [Kanbee] is an uncanny and attractive person who plays the roles of a military commander and schemer, ” Okada commented regarding the huge role that he has to play.

Nevertheless, Okada also shared that he has always love history and have dreamed of becoming a history teacher.

“Gunshi Kanbee” will start shooting on Aug 2013 and is slated for broadcast on Jan 2014.

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V6’s Junichi Okada Talks about his Impression with NEWS

Last Sept 21st, V6 Junichi Okada was the guest in Mirai Theater where NEWSKeiichiro Koyama and Shigeaki Kato also act as hosts. During Okada’s guesting, he told some of his impressions about NEWS as his juniors (kouhais). Although other members of NEWS have guested in the show, it was the first time that someone from Johnny’s have been featured.

At the start of the program, Okada was asked how often does he interact with NEWS, “Actually, it’s not so often,” he admitted. Koyama admitted that they were reluctant to haveOkada as a guest. “It was easier if other actors come as a guest, but if it was a senior, we’re like, ‘No!No senior!’“.

Anna Hatori took the chance and asked Okada on what he thinks about NEWS as his kouhai’s. “I think that they are awesome. As four members, they have gone through a lot and they survived. I believe that all of them have become good men,” he said, “But Tegoshi is a bit odd [different], isn’t he?” Okada added that earned a laughter from Koyama and Shigeaki.



Johnny’s vs. Yarakashi’s

YARAKASHI : This term has been taken from the Japanese language. It describes agressive fans who have bad manners on the internet, concerts and threaten lives concerning Johnny’s (A Japan entertainment agency which focuses on males).
They even plan an attack on a group of JEs, because they like the other group more. They’ll go as far as bringing knives to demonstrate their support.
Rumor: Nino’s thumb was once broken because of a yarakashi.
Rumor: Yarakashi’s love to insult aiba during concerts because they think he is ‘stupid’.

Urban Dictionary

As define above, Yarakashi are aggressive fans so the agency have made a set of countermeasures to deal with these kind of aggressive behavior. However, rumor has it that countermeasures differs on each Johnny’s talent.

Here are some noted incidents:

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