Nino acts like a sempai to his co-stars

Last Feb 22nd, Hey!Say!JUMP‘s Yamada Ryousuke, Arashi‘s Ninomiya Kazunari, Suda Masaki, Yamamoto Maika, Kiritani Mirei, Narimiya Hiroki, Shiina Kippei and the Assasination Classroom’s mangaka, Matsui Yuusei, were present for the press conference for the movie, “Assassination Classroom: Graduation”.

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Bits & Pieces 028

My birthday week is over and so sorry for the lack of updates in this blog. Well, I have to twerk some programs with my PC and work has gotten busier. So, here are the news and not-so news that I missed. Collated from Nov 10th to 15th. Involved parties are: Chinen Yuri, Kimura Takuya, Kamenashi Kazuya, Yamada Ryosuke, 4u, and Nakajima Kento.

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Rants & Raves : 1M

I’ve been so busy, I didn’t notice that my blog finally reaches more than 1 million page views. I really thought that wordpress would be giving me some sort of notice since they do notify me when there’s heavy traffic on my blog or just like those annual reports that they send me. Anyway, even though my skin is drying due to stress from all those work overtime, I’m feeling celebratory so this week’s Rants & Raves will be good news. Also, I decided to bring the old format of R&R back.

Here is Rants & Raves : 1M

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Bits & Pieces 023

It was a stressful and frustrating week, it had been sad and tiring but quite fulfilling (on the work side). Oh well, enough of my personal drama, while I was busy with my solving problems, here are some news and not so news that I missed. Involved parties, are: Kanjani8, Arashi, Jin Akanishi, Yamapi, Tamamori Yuta, Ikuta Toma, and Yamada Ryosuke.

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