“Tackey can get married without asking us ahead”— says Johnny Kitagawa


Tackey & Tsubasa‘s Hideaki Takizawa appeared for a dress rehearsal for “Johnny’s World” last New Year’s Eve at Marunouchi, Tokyo. Takizawa will do a special performance for the said play where the rehearsals have been open for reporters. Takizawa was last seen onstage with “Shinshun Jinsei Kakumei” where he starred with the late Mori Mitsuko who died last November.

Tackey & Tsubasa celebrated their 10th year anniversary last 2012, which was also the year when Takizawa turned 30 years old. The reporters, who were interested with Takizawa’s private life, asked him questions, like “when will be hearing a good news[marriage] soon?” to which Takizawa responded, “there are no plans yet, but the desire is there…”

When it comes to matters of love life, Takizawa is being given Laissez-faire or let-alone policy by Johnny Kitagawa. “He has the freedom to do what he wished, he deserves it.” Kitagawa has full trust and confidence to Takizawa as compared to Jin Akanishi, whom Kitagawa imposed harsh measures, after Akanishi failed to inform Kitagawa about his marriage beforehand.

About Takizawa succeeding Johnny’s drive when it comes to producing stage performances since Takizawa himself is an “idea man”. “I hope to play the role of manager if I can’t become a film director in the future,” Takizawa related. Johnny responded that he won’t interfere with Takizawa so he could concentrate with behind-the-scenes events. Creating “Tackey’s World” may indeed happen in the near future.

Hochi Yomiuri

Johnny’s favorite…what can I say? About the marriage-thing, well, there isn’t someone in Tackey’s generation who looks interested with marriage, who knows?


6 thoughts on ““Tackey can get married without asking us ahead”— says Johnny Kitagawa

  1. If you are talking about Tackey’s generation, would that include Arashi? ‘Cause both Matsumoto and Sakurai do express interest in marriage.


    • Well, yes, since Sakurai is already in his 30s. Though I’m not just referring to their interest in marriage, I’m talking about them actually getting married. Though I’m not in a rush to see any members of Arashi getting married, any members of Johnny’s being married look like a farfetched idea. XD.


    • In that case, then Taichi should get married. He was planning to get married last year right, if it wasn’t for Akanishi’s misbehaviour.


    • Yeah…I heard about this and I really hope it would happen. Though I noticed most JE gets married late with the exception of those who have accidentally gotten their gf’s pregnant.


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