SMAP Becomes Ambassador of Universal Studios Japan


SMAP gives us one more reason to visit Japan.

As reported,

SMAP was inaugurated as Universal Studios Japan founding ambassadors. In a commemorative ceremony held at Osaka last Apr 18th, the group also attended USJ’s new area- “Wizarding World of Harry Potter” – that will open on July 15th.

The studio spent 45 billion Yen to make “Wizarding World of Harry Potter” as close to reality as possible. Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and US Ambassador to Japan Caroline Kennedy also attended the event wearing mufflers as seen from Harry Potter movie. This is the first time that SMAP was given the “ambassador” title where they lined-up shoulder to shoulder with super VIPs in front of the Hogwarts Castle.

Shingo Katori was seen asking PM Abe for a handshake; this is the first ambassador role for Nakai Masahiro and he feels honored; and Kimura Takuya is excited to tell anyone about the joy being in USJ.

jnews1 and Nikkan Sports


3 thoughts on “SMAP Becomes Ambassador of Universal Studios Japan

  1. I remember writing an article about SMAP singing the theme song for USJ’s new roller coaster ride last year. The queues for the opening day were as long as 9hrs i think. Not sure if this is really due to SMAP but I’d visit the Harry Potter theme park in USJ whether SMAP endorses it or not.


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