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Johnny’s-Watcher Rumor Round-Up (Digest 006)


As 2013 is about to end and a New Year is already on the horizon, this digest would be about saying goodbye to love and hello to a new beginning…

Involved parties, are: Tamamori Yuta and Tanaka Koki.

  • Tamamori Yuta bid farewell to model girlfriend

this picture is related to an earlier rumor about Tamamori last Septermber (?)

The romance between Kisumai‘s Tamamori Yuta and his unnamed model girlfriend is as over as 2013. After being scooped last September that the two are likely in cohabitation because they were holding “matching keys”, the romance has since gone cold. Back when the two were supposedly together, Tamamori would take time to bring the model to dates and even drive for her- using his own car- despite his busy schedule. Apparently, the lead of DREAM BOYS JET received a “warning” from the office, not  to break-up, but to consider what is more important for him. In the end, Tamamori chose to break the relationship citing his work as his priority. Nevertheless, the said model is also receiving backlash for boasting that she is in relationship with Tamamori around her friends. A reporter commented that while it is understandable that a girl would want to boast about her guy, but considering that she (model) told a lot of people about her relationship, it has not been good. After all, Tamamori is an idol, something of which she should have considered. Lastly, the collapse of this relationship has been sighted after Tamamori chose to keep his distance after the photographs were published for fear that they could get photographed again.

  • Tanaka Koki gets praises for his new movie

After a career slump following his termination from Johnny’s, Tanaka Koki is all set to greet 2014 with a new movie and probably, a new agency. The former KAT-TUN member will join the cast of the movie “Sanbun no ichi” for their promotional activities where Tanaka plays a bar waiter who turned greedy over money. His performance is said to be like that of a genius and that it has been powerful.  A concerned person is confident that Tanaka’s performance in the movie will re-start his activities and that offers will pour-in. Moreover, people who have seen the preview commented that Tanaka might be Japan’s no.1 chinpira*. Furthermore, considering that Yoshimoto Kogyo, a known entertainment conglomerate, is the movie’s producer; Tanaka has tweeted (to his more than 200,000 followers) about his meeting with the said company for movie promotions. Well, who knows what else was discussed? The bad boy who got ousted from Johnny’s is finally getting serious.

*chinpira- young yakuza in training. Punk/ delinquent/ hoodlum in English.

BTW, “Sanbun no ichi” will be out next year.

Johnny’s-Watcher 1 and 2

It’s such a shame (well, not really) that I overlooked that rumor involving Tama-chan last September so I only learned about it now. Anyway, the relationship wouldn’t have been exposed if it wasn’t for those snooty reporters, but well, Tama-chan is an idol so he has to be very careful. About Koki, I’m not sure about the Yoshimoto Kogyo part but I do know that most talents from that company are comedians or variety show talents. Koki surely have a talent in comedy but I just can’t picture him being in Yoshimoto. I guess, I’ll always see him as a Johnny after years he spent being groomed into one. Oh well, but it’s nice to see that he is polishing his acting skills to improve his craft. After all, when God closes a door, he opens a window.

All the best, enjoy your NEW YEAR!

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  1. thank you so much!!! really this is an amazing page I love been here…

  2. Thank you for all your work and I’m looking forward 2014 !
    You’re amazing <3


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