Nakai Masahiro hosts Ongaku no Hi this year once again

TBS’s ‘Ongaku no Hi’ will air on this July 16th, with Nakai Masahiro and Azumi Shinichirou as the host of the show, which makes this the 6th year in a row they both will be hosting the show.

This year’s ‘Ongaku no Hi’ will aim to ‘gather the power of music and deliver it to Japan’ and to bring all the genres and across the borders in order to become one and cheer up Japan about the Great Tohoku Earthquake back in 2011.

The list of performers are yet to be released, but TBS aims to bring a relay medley from Kumamoto to the Kitahoku (Aomori, Iwate and Akita) and we can expect a list full of top artists from Japan.

Nakai Masahiro’s comment:

This is the 6th time we celebrate ‘Ongaku ni Hi’ since the Great Tohoku Earthquake back in 2011. I can already feel the immeasurable power of music and songs.

With the Kumamoto earthquakes back in April, once again we can think about what can be done to help.There are still a lot of people who aren’t able to go back to their former lifestyle.

Even if it’s just a little bit, we would still want to bring energy for Higashi Nihon,Kumamoto,Japan. Even for a little bit.

This year’s theme is ‘tsunagu’ (to connect).

Connecting our feelings, connecting our hands, there’s a lot of things that we can connect. Even things that we cannot see, as long we are aware of them the connection can be made. For the artists who will appear on our show, I will do my best to create an atmosphere where they can sing at ease.


Via jnews1 & TBS’s Ongaku no Hi Website



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