Shibutani Subaru “Big Man from Japan” in Rotterdam

Subaru and Justin Bieber is a bit too much, though I’ll choose Subaru anytime.

As reported earlier, Kanjani8‘s Shibutani Subaru attended the 44th Rotterdam International Film Festival in Netherlands. Subaru attended the festival for the international premier of his debut movie, “Misono Universe (La La La Rock Bottom; international name), together with the movie’s director, Yamashita Nobuhiro.

In the movie, Subaru plays an amnesia man turned to lead vocalist of a band. After the movie screening, Subaru performed live, a first time for a Japanese to do so in the festival. Subaru sang Billy Joel classics like “Piano Man” and he also performed his upcoming single, “kokoroodoreba” and the movie’s theme song, “Kioku”.

Movie critic, Kitano Takeshi, highly evaluated Subaru, “musicians who successfully became actors are too little but Subaru might have broken that curse”. Subaru also appeared on front page of the festival’s newspapers, Daily Tiger, with a caption, “I’m gonna be one of festival’s highlights”. Furthermore, Subaru will grace the cover of the next newspaper for official screenings. As mentioned, “Shibutani Subaru, from famous boy band of Japan, Kanjani8;  and Justin Bieber class of idol.

700 people from the audience got up to their feet for Subaru’s performance. “Misono Universe” will hit Japanese theaters on Feb 14th.

via jnews1 and Nikkan Sports


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