Rumor Round-Up (Digest 020)

HSJ babies are really grown-ups! Despite their sizes, one is being rumored to his co-star and one is drinking alone. haha. Other than that, another ikemen joins them in this rumor digest who is known to be dating an actress for 8 years. Involved parties, are: Yamada Ryosuke, Chinen Yuri, and Junnosuke Taguchi.

  • Yamada Ryosuke is flirting with Hashimoto Kanna?

Hey!Say!JUMP‘s Yamada Ryosuke and Rev.from DVL‘s Hashimoto Kanna are co-stars in Yamada’s first movie, “Ansatsu Kyoushitsu”. It was the first time that the two met during the movie’s stage greeting last March. Hashimoto’s character in the movie is a CG. For first impressions, Yamada says that she’s cuter than the CG and he said “cute” in a dere dere way (lovestruck). Yamada also mentioned that he wanted to meet Hashimoto sooner when he heard about her from a member. Also, when the movie’s cast guested in “VS Arashi”, a fan commented that Yamada and Hashimoto were being icha icha (lovey-dovey) and because of this, fans became suspicious and worried on the friendship between the two.

I guess the member that Yamada mentioned is Yuto since Kanna and Yuto worked together in “Suikyu Yankees”. Well, it’s either Yamada is just being his flirty and teasing self or he really likes her. I’m scared what will happen to Hashimoto if this is true considering that Nishiuchi Mariya was forced to drop-out of Horikoshi because of Yamada’s insane fans who won’t leave her alone.

  • Chinen Yuri drinking alone

Hey!Say!JUMP‘s Chinen Yuri pictured (above) drinking alone at a bar in Roppongi. It was around 11 PM when he entered the bar and it’s not one of those “members-only” bar. Chinen seems familiar with the bartender as he chats with him as soon as he sat down. Few minutes later, he went out, and when he came back, he has a bag of takeaway food with him. So he ate his food as he continues to chat with the bartender. Past midnight, Chinen decided to do some karaoke singing and belted out a Tokunaga Hideaki ballad. Anyway, Chinen received a round of applause from the bar’s patrons after his song. The said bar isn’t frequented by other Hey!Say!JUMP members but Kanjani8‘s Maruyama Ryuhei is a known regular. Chinen and Maruyama previously worked in “Jigoku Sensei Nube!“.

So maybe Maru decided to stood-up Chinen so Chinen went drinking alone. haha. Anyway, he stills looks cute, chibi but cute. 

  • Junno Taguchi’s Sakura viewing with Komine Rena and mother

KAT-TUN‘s Junno Taguchi and actress Komine Rena have been known to be dating and cohabitating for the past 8 years. Aside from adopting a dog, the two seem to be still in blissful state as they were photographed having a picnic while viewing the sakuras. Aside from the couple, another figure is seen with them who looks like to be Komine’s mother since she’s often seen in Komine’s salon. 

Picnic and Sakura viewing, why can’t I be Rena? XDDD

via Johnny’s-Watcher, jprime, and otowota


8 thoughts on “Rumor Round-Up (Digest 020)

  1. I’m always happy for a happy relationship! I know there were rumors about Komine Rena and her being a bad influence, but as long as that’s not true, “Go Taguchi!”

    Yamada’s rumor, who knows. I think Yamada’s too career oriented at the moment to even entertain such thoughts. He knows he’s at the top and intends to keep climbing. It’s just unfortunate fans harass girls seen with JE guys to this extent. It makes the fans look bad; also the guys in turn look bad because of these types of fans.


  2. I agree with Odebu-chan, and that was exactly my thought when I read the post. I see Yamada and Hashimoto are more like friends or siblings, and I believe it’s too far to say that they are actually developing a ‘romance’. Yamada is extremely shy and awkward around girls, so he will never make such a more on the girl he likes. And she is younger than him, she’s like 16 and he is turning 22 this year; so this might explains why he might be comfortable complementing her and not she around her. In the same event, the host asked him about ‘what he think of’ Kang Ji-young, and he technically did not give a proper replay cuz he was too uncomfortable to do so. And I read also that the direct said that Yamada and the other co-star were staring at Kang Ji-youngas the were interested to talk to her, but the whole time during the filming, the two of them never spoke to her in the filming location. So if he was truly ‘interested’ or ‘attracted’ to Hashimoto, he would propaply act the same was toward her as he did toward Kang Ji-young.
    My intention in writing this is to just express my opinion, because I respect the three of them equally, and I wish them the best I life!


    • I heard all about Yamada’s impression with JiYoung and considering he’s in Johnny’s everything is just lip service since I doubt the agency will allow Yamada to comment something like “she’s cute” or “I like her” if real feelings were involved.


    • Sorry for replying now…too late I know…but may I ask where you read about the director saying that yamachan was starring at jiyoung, coz even I noticed it when they were on a show and I honestly believe that he has a thing for jiyoung.


  3. No offense to fans of Hashimoto Kanna-san… but I think she just looks cute in one angle – the same angled shot that catapulted her to fame. I was kind of expecting her to be really cute when she made more appearances in TV and in public but she kind of became almost too rail-thin in frame of late especially when she appeared in VS Arashi. If there is some truth to Yamada’s flirty (and even pervy ways) I think the attention is misplaced upon Hashimoto-san and be even mistaken because Yamada just might be aiming for ex-KARA member Kang Ji-young. The assumption that there is something (romantically-) serious building up between Yamada and Hashimoto-san seems to be overly exaggerated IMHO, as Yamada and Hashimoto-san’s ‘closeness’ looked to me as more like siblings rather than a lovey-dovey pair. If there is so much ‘concern’ placed upon Hashimoto-san’s welfare and career future just because of this perception, I shudder to think how and what it would be like if either Shida Mirai-san or even Kawashima Umika-san were in Hashimoto Kanna-san’s situation.


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