Yamapi Gets a New Radio Show

Did his Cross Space ended? I have no idea.

Starting on May 4th, Yamashita Tomohisa aka Yamapi will have a new regular radio program titled “SOUND TRIPPER“. Based from the show’s title, the interFM show will let you enjoy chart-topping songs from US and UK charts of that year.

Yamapi’s “SOUND TRIPPER” will broadcast 5 days a week, from 8:05-8:10 in the morning at 76.1MHz TOKYO / 79.5MHz NAGOYA.

via jnews1

2 thoughts on “Yamapi Gets a New Radio Show

  1. I’m European ….. When a Japanese production finally will decide to put together Yamapi and Horikita in a beautiful and fun love story to achieve great success? … will always be too late. . Someone should tell them this. They are adults, now.
    It seems that the Johnny’s men does not have to work with her if there is a love story. All very bland. At most… a hug. (See Nino, Ryo, Yamapi, Sho, Toma……..) But it is ok with Keiko Kitagawa. What a shame.


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