Johnny’s Tracks Illegally Sold Tickets for Arashi’s “Japonism” Tour

Johnny’s is getting better with their tracking capabilities. Is it a good or a bad thing?

It was revealed that Johnny’s & Associates posted “invalid tickets” for “ARASHI LIVE TOUR JAPONISM 2015” at the official website. Those tickets were revealed to have been illegally sold/traded/transferred and are now rendered invalid.

A total of 90 tickets were affected and these are for the following tour dates: Nagoya Dome – Gold ticket for 11/06 ( 18:00), 11/07 (18:00), and 11/08 (16:00).

Johnny’s office has been banning the re-selling or illegal trading of concert tickets. By membership agreement, re-sold tickets are invalid due to violation of terms.

This is definitely a sad news and if you have an affected ticket then I’m really sorry for you, maybe you can get a refund? Well, Johnny’s and his exclusivity is still a huge wall to overcome by overseas fans.

via jnews1

Addendum : You can see the official notice in Japanese page of Johnny’s net.


3 thoughts on “Johnny’s Tracks Illegally Sold Tickets for Arashi’s “Japonism” Tour

  1. Actually, J&A has been doing this since last year. So far, they’ve done this for Arashi, Eito, and Kisumai’s concerts. But for some reason, they didn’t do this for Blast in Miyagi…


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