Aiba Manabu Renewal: Aiba Masaki Interview

Aiba Manabu” has been broadcasting on TV Asahi every Sunday at 6PM since April 2013. The show consists of Aiba Masaki (Arashi) going to places in Japan and learning a variety of things. According to the article, this show is going through a renewal.

Watabe Ken, who has joined Aiba-kun on his many trips, praised the Arashi member, “Aiba-kun really matured over these 3 years, he became really skillful in a lot of things.” And here’s an interview with Aiba-kun about the show:

Question: Looking back on the last 3 years, how was it for you?

Aiba: Doing this for about 3 years, I have to say that the locations were pretty much the main part of the show. For example, when we went to dig bamboo, it wasn’t my first time doing it so I was able to do it right. But I’ve learnt a lot of other things and studied many ways too. I can see the way I grew as a person after all these years. And of course, I got along better with Watabe Ken-san and Sawabe Yu-san too!

Question: Has there ever been a location shoot where it was a “turning point” for you?

Aiba: I think for me, it was the time when we had to cut a suspended monkfish. It was really cold that day, not to mention we were on a boat and I was seasick. And we had to cut the fish on the boat too! Even the two professionals of speaking (Watabe-san & Sawabe-san) didn’t speak at all that day. But thanks to those extreme conditions, we got even closer and more united than before. After that experience, not a lot of things were as painful as before! Also, when we went to make knives and cutting boards. It was really fun for me. I also made a cup, but I don’t even use it.

Question: On the contrary, which one was the most fun, or the most cultivating location shoot?

Aiba: This might sound weird, but for me, it [the location] changes all the time! Every time I just think that time was the best, but I think it’s this show that keeps changing my mind.

Question: What do you want to achieve next?

Aiba: We’ve been to a lot of locations all around the Kanto region, so I would like to try to branch out further outside. We can start with Hokkaido and go around the country. Going abroad sounds nice too! Since we’re entering our 4th year, we have a new project called “All Around Tokyo Bay” (Tentative Title). There’s going to be always something to motivate me so I’m really looking forward to it. We’ll keep the atmosphere new and refreshing. Our team can’t wait to bring you this show, so please wait for it!



The “All Around Tokyo Bay” project Aiba-kun mentioned earlier, “Gurutto Isshuu 200 kilo! Manabu Tokyo Bay” will show us Aiba-kun on a boat showing us the secrets of Tokyo Bay. In a day, about 500 large ships operates inside the bay, and it has the highest number of containers handled in the whole country.

Not only is the bay Tokyo Area’s industry activity center, but it also supports a big part of the daily life of the people living around it. By exploring it by boat, we’ll be able to see what is really there. The people, the activities it breathes, its secrets and its structures.

On the first episode of the new segment, which aired on the 8th of May, Aiba, Watabe-san and Sawabe-san went to the Kannozaki Lighthouse. They learned about the lens, the light and the arrangements for the lighthouse to function, as well as the patrols for the sea. They also went to check the buoys, which serves as marks for the shipping routes.

Next episode, Aiba-chan will be planting rice, in Isumi, Chiba.

via oricon, tv asahi


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