Miyake Ken in the Takizawa Kabuki

Tackey & Tsubasa‘s Takizawa Hideaki personally went to talk to V6‘s Miyake Ken to cast him in the “Takizawa Kabuki” and for their KFC CM.

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Tamamori Yuta and Nakayama Yuma, Double Leads in DREAM BOYS

Why have one when you can have two?

Kis-My-Ft2‘s Tamamori Yuta have been taking the lead in the stage play, “DREAM BOYS“, which he succeeded from his senpais, KAT-TUN‘s Kamenashi Kazuya and Tackey & Tsubasa’s Takizawa Hideaki. For the past two years, Tamamori is also sharing the stage with his fellow Kisumai members, Senga Kento and Miyata Toshiya. For this year DREAM BOYS will have two version, one stars Tamamori while the other stars Nakayama Yuma.

Tamamori and Nakayama have starred together in the drama, “Pin to Kona“, so this is like a reunion. However, they won’t be sharing the stage together since they will be performing separately. Tamamori will still co-star with Senga and Miyata while Nakayama will be with Sexy Zone‘s Kikuchi Fuma and Marius Yo.

There have been circulating rumors why there will be two versions of DREAM BOYS this year, one is that Kis-My-Ft2 will be extremely busy this September since they’ll be having a tour. The second one is that this move is like Tamamori passing on the torch to Nakayama.

Well, Nakayama have been active in stage plays particularly with PLAYZONE so I guess that DREAM BOYS will be easy for him. As for “passing on the torch”, I guess this will be a trial run for Nakayama seeing how the performance dates for Yuma’s version is shorter compared to Tamamori.

DREAM BOYS Tamamori version will run starting Sept 3-10, 15-16,and 22-30. While DREAM BOYS Nakayama version will run starting Sept 12-14 and 18-20.

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Kinpuri : A New Johnny’s Junior Unit

An introduction to the newest unit in Johnny’s Junior consists of mostly old faces that you’ve seen from other groups.

The new group is called “Mr. King VS Mr. Prince” or KinpuriThe group’s name doesn’t leave to be desired and has cringe-worthy level but hey, its Johnny’s, what do you expect? Moreover, Johnny’s President, Johnny Kitagawa, decided to consider the group’s nickname  to Kinpuri in mere 15 seconds.

Anyway, the six-member  group will be on TV Asahi event as cheering supporters and will be responsible for the theme song of TV Asahi’s Roppongi Hills Summer Festival SUMMER STATION.

The members of Kinpuri are divided in two units, King and Prince, and they are:

[Mr. King]

  • Hirano Sho 

Sho was part of KinKan aka King of Kansai and was last seen in band drama “SHARK” as the full of himself vocalist.

  • Nagase Ren

Ren was part of Naniwa Oji and he was last seen in “Nobunaga no Chef”. I seriously can’t recall his character.

  • Takahashi Kaito

Kaito was part of Sexy Zone’s sub-unit, Sexy Boyz.

[Mr. Prince]

  • Iwahashi Genki

Like Kaito, Genki was also part of Sexy Boyz. He was part of “Kasuka no Kanojo” and was last seen in “SHARK~2nd season~”.

  • Jinguji Yuta

Another Sexy Boyz member, Yuta had starred in a string of dramas with his senpais from “Sprout”, “Kasuka no Kanojo”, “49”, and “SHARK~2nd Season~”.

  • Kishi Yuta

Probably the most familiar face for those who are not so familiar with the juniors. Yuta was part of Sexy Boyz and has been active in dramas since “Kamen Teacher”. However, his breakout performance would be in “Kinkyori Renai~Season Zero~” that pave way for him to get the leading role in “Oniichan, Gacha”.

I don’t know why Johnny’s decided to form another unit with these guys, I’m not really into Junior groups but to see Kishi Yuta away from Miyachika Kaito and Abe Aran looked sad. Oh well, let’s wait and see if this group would become a successful junior unit or just a temporary whim of Johnny-sama.

Nakayama Yuma Announces Two New Projects During Concert

Yehey for Yuma! This talented kid deserves it.

Nakayama Yuma made two special announcements during the first day of his solo concert at Tokyo Dome City Hall where he performed 22 songs including his latest single, YOLO moment. Johnny’s Jrs. showed their support with Yuma as well his senpai, SMAP‘s Katori Shingo, who sent him letters and whiskey.

Nakayama will star in a stage play this August in Japanese adaptation of Oscar Wilde‘s masterpiece, “The Picture of Dorian Gray“. Nakayama will play Dorian Gray, a man who remains young and handsome. In addition, Nakayama will star in Kushiki Rio‘s occult series “Haunted Campus” where he will play the role of a college freshman who can see ghosts. Haunted Campus is Yuma’s first movie. Nakayama commented that he’s inspired to be doing a stage play and movie and says that he will do his best even though he’s nervous.

Nakayama’s first solo concert tour will continue until May 9th in Osaka where he is expected to mobilized 15,000 audiences in 6 performances.

The Picture of Dorian Gray” will run from August to September at Tokyo New National Theater while “Haunted Campus” will hit the theaters in 2016.

via Daily Sports and Nikkan Sports

Sanada Yuma Plays a German Scion in his First Stage Play

More juniors having their chance at limelight.

Johnny’s Jr. Sanada Yuma is set to star in his first stage play, titled: “TABU taboo” that will kick-off this June.

Based from Ferdinand Von Schirach original, “TABU taboo” tells the story of German scion named Sebastian von Eschburg who was arrested on suspicions of kidnapping and killing a young woman, and whether he is guilty or innocent remains a mystery.

Sanada will play the role of Sebastian from a prominent German family. He’s also an artist where he used his photographs to show that reality and truth are two different things. When he was arrested for kidnapping and murder, lawyer Konrad Biegler takes on his case. 

Movie director Fukasaku Kenta will be directing “TABU” as his first stage play. He says that Sanada possesed the purity and manly qualities of the hero that makes him the right choice for the role. “I think it’s my mission to persevere now that I’ve received this role,” Sanada commented with enthusiasm. Sanada is one-half of the junior group “noon boyz”,

Also starring in the play is former takarazuka star, Hashizume Isao.

TABU taboo” will run from June 5th to 14th at New National Theater in Tokyo and in Hyogo Performing Arts Center from June 26th to 28th.

via jnews1 and Nikkan Sports

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Kishi Yuta Plays Suzuki Rio’s Brother in his First Lead Drama

He did well as the “best friend” in “Kinkyori Renai~Season Zero~” so it’s not a surprise that this Junior gets his first lead drama.

As reported,

It was announced that Johnny’s Jr. Kishi Yuta and kid actress Suzuki Rio will star in NTV’s late night drama, “Onii-chan Gacha“.

A Shinji Nojima (49, Platonic) original, “Onii-chan Gacha” is a fantasy story about Miko, a schoolgirl who lives a dull life. To create her ideal brother, she turns on the Gacha (toy vending machine) and gets Kishi Yuta. Kishi is a S-rank Gacha onii-chan that Miko got. Kishi comments that the toy doesn’t resemble him at all; however, he makes sure to pay the toys more attention for his character.

Joining the cast are those from Johnny’s Jr, they are: Miyachika Kaito, Nakada Hiroki, Shizuya Yoshizawa, Kajiyama Asahi, Hara Yoshitaka, and Meguro Ren. Also, several Johnny’s Jr. will also be playing a Gacha and will appear as guests in each episode, they are: Abe Aran,Morita Myuto, Kyomoto Taiga, Tamamoto Fumito, Iwamoto Hikaru, Fukasawa Tatsuya, Matsuda Genta, and Matsukura Kaito.

Onii-chan Gacha” will air on NTV on January 2015.

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